Insert Images

Inserting Images and Tables

 Insert Images

You can insert images in your email content or embed images in your signature using the Insert Image icon.

  1. In the formatting bar, click the Insert Image icon. 
  2. You can either choose to upload an image from your desktop or link an image from any internet web page. 
  3. Click Upload from Disk option, and click the box below to choose a file from your desktop. 
  4. The image can be in the GIF/ JPG/ PNG formats and can be a maximum of 3 MB in size. 
  5. After the file is uploaded, the preview of the image is displayed in the Image Preview box. 
  6. Click Insert to insert the image in the editor area. 
  7. The size can be chosen as 'Small', 'Best Fit' or 'Original' based on the requirement. 
  8. However, the image may be presented in its original size, in some email clients, making it appear incorrectly. Hence you can resize the images before embedding into the email, for better clarity at the recipient end

Instead of inserting the image, you can also paste a copied image into the email compose area. To paste an image that you've copied from elsewhere, right click in the compose area and choose Paste from the options listed.

 Add hyperlink to images

You can add hyperlinks to the embedded images. Mainly when the users want to insert social media icons and create links to the respective pages in the signatures, the users can follow the steps below. 

  1. For use in signatures, use the correctly sized, saved images instead of resizing them during embedding. 
  2. Click the Insert image icon, and insert the relevant image to the editor. 
  3. Select the image and click the Insert Link icon in the composer.
  4. The image selection in the editor area is based on browser behaviour. Ex: You can use the arrow keys to select and highlight an image in Chrome. In Firefox, you can click to select the image.
  5. When you select an image and click the Insert Link icon, the hyperlink popup will not have the 'Selected Text' field.
  6. Provide the Web Address to which you want the image to be hyperlinked and click.
  7. After you insert the image and the hyperlink correctly, you can click the image to view the added hyperlink and change it if required. 

 Insert Tables

You can insert neatly formatted tables in the composer to send any data related tabulations in your email.

  1. Click the Insert Table icon in the formatting bar to insert a table. 
  2. Specify the number of rows, columns.
  3. Specify the table width in % of total width or in pixels. (This value is relative to the composer width as it appears in your system.)
  4. Specify Border width in pixels. Click OK.
  5. A table with the specified parameters will be inserted in the message.
  6. You can right click on the table to add/remove Rows or columns. 
  7. You can also edit the initial properties of the table using the 'Edit Table' option. 

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