Zoho Mail User Guide

Insert Images

You can insert images in your email or signature using this icon. Do not try to paste an image in the editor as 'Paste' of images does not include the image in the outgoing emails.

  1. To insert images to the email, click on the Insert Image icon.
  2. Insert Image Dialog opens.
    • Click on 'From your computer' to browse and insert an image from your system.
    • Click on the ‘From web URL’ to link to insert an image from an internet webpage. Specify the URL in the URL textbox.
  3. Click ‘Advanced options’ to specify Border and Spacing, Size and Alignment settings
  4. It is highly recommended to resize the images using an image editor of your choice, if you want to insert the image in signatures.
  5. The maximum image size supported in 3MB and the supported image types are GIF, JPG and PNG.

Add hyperlink to images

You can insert hyperlinks to images. This will be useful if you want to add your logo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn icons in your signature and link them to the respective pages.

  1. It is highly recommended to resize the images using an image editor of your choice and save it locally, before you insert the image in signatures.
  2. Insert the image using the Insert image icon.
  3. Select the image and click the hyperlink icon in the composer.
  4. The image selection is based on the browser behavior (click, select using arrow keys in keyboard etc based on the browser you use). 
  5. When you select the image correctly and click the hyperlink, the hyperlink editor will not have the 'selected text' field.
  6. When you insert hyperlink for text from the editor, the 'Selected text' field will appear in the hyperlink dialog.

Insert Tables

You can insert neatly formatted tables in the composer to send data related stuff in your email.

  1. To insert tables, click ‘Insert Table’ icon. ‘Insert Table’ Dialog box will open.
  2. Specify the number of rows, columns.
  3. Specify the table width in % of total width or in pixels. (This value is relative to the composer width as it appears in your system.)
  4. Specify Border width in pixels. Click OK.
  5. The table with parameters as specified will be inserted in the message.
  6. You can add more rows/ columns based on the browser support. (Ex: Firefox supports addition of more rows and columns. )


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