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Attachments in Emails

For business users who host their domain with Zoho, the maximum size of emails is based on the plan chosen by your organization and as per the limits defined in your email policy by your administrator. For free users the maximum size of email is 20 MB including all the attachments. 


You can select and send multiple attachments, as long as the total size of the attachments including the email content is less than or equal to the maximum size allowed as per your email policy. The size of the attachment, as calculated in the server, is bigger than the size of the file on disk due to MIME encoding. 

MIME encoding makes the file size larger by up to 30%. A  15 MB file on disk is sometimes calculated to become higher and upto 20 MB in the email.


You can choose to attach files from your system or from Zoho Docs, Dropbox or even Google Drive.

Attach files from your system:

  1. Launch the editor for which you want to add attachments.
  2. Click ‘Attach’ to add attachments directly from your system
  3. Browse and choose the files you want to add as attachments.
  4. You can choose multiple files using Ctrl/ Shift + Click and based on your browser support.

Drag and drop from System*:

  1. Open the composer window.
  2. Choose the files to be attached.
  3. Drag them into the Composer window.
  4. A drop area with the text 'Drop files here' will appear.
  5. Drop the dragged files inside the box.
  6. The files will be added as attachments to the email being composed.

* The Attachment Drag and drop feature and attach multiple files feature are supported in the Firefox 3.6 and above, Chrome 6.0 and above only.

Attach files from Cloud Services

Zoho Mail provides you the option to choose files from any of the cloud file storage services like Zoho Docs or Google Drive or Zoho Docs and add them as attachments to the email.  Click 'Attach from Cloud' option to choose file from Zoho Docs or DropBox or Google Drive services. 

Attach files from Zoho Docs:

  1. You can choose a file from Zoho Docs and add it as an attachment.
  2. Click 'Attach from Cloud' option from the composer. 
  3. The Cloud Picker opens, with files saved in Zoho Docs listed by default.  
  4. You can select from the list of files, or choose from the categories. 
  5. You can also select the files shared with you as attachments. 
  6. You can select multiple files to attach them in a single email. 
  7. Click 'Attach' to add the selected files as attachments.

Attach files from DropBox:

You can attach files saved in your DropBox account, in an email from Zoho Mail. The files chosen will be added as attachments, as long as it is within the maximum allowed attachment size of the email. Choose Attach from Cloud to open the Cloud Picker. 

  1. From the cloudpicker, choose ‘DropBox’ to attach files from your DropBox account.
  2. You need to authenticate your DropBox account, to allow and browse files from DropBox, the very first time you use CloudPicker.
  3. Once successfully authenticated, you can select the files listed in the Dropbox account.  
  4. You can also select multiple files to add multiple attachments in Zoho Mail.
  5. Click Attach to add the selected files as attachments.

Further you can easily add the attachments in your incoming emails to your Dropbox account.Check the 'Saving/ Viewing attachments' page for details.

Attach from Google Drive:

You can send emails with attachments added from your Google Drive account directly. Choose Attach from Cloud to open the Cloud Picker. 

  1. Choose Google Drive from the CloudPicker.
  2. You will be required to authenticate and allow Zoho Mail to link to your Google Drive account, during the very first time you use the CloudPicker.
  3. Once authenticated, you can view and select the files listed under your Google Drive account
  4. You can also select multiple files, to add multiple attachments to your email.
  5. Click Attach to add the selected files as attachments .


  • If the mail size exceeds the size defined by the mail policy, an alert will be displayed and the message will not be sent.


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