Secure Attachment Policy

Secure Attachment Policy

The attachments in the emails you Send/ Receive in Zoho Mail are subject to the Secure Attachment Policy. The Secure Attachment Policy intends to protect the users from malicious files and attachments. Certain attachments containing executable/ program files may have destructive programs or malicious functions which perform phishing/ spamming/ malicious activities in the users system, and may even misuse the users identity. Hence to avoid such security threats, the emails with certain file attachments are blocked in Zoho Mail. 

The attachment types that are blocked by this policy include: ade, adp, bat, chm, cmd, com, cpl, exe, hta, ins, isp, jar, jse, lib, lnk, mde, msc, msp, mst, pif, scr, sct, shb, sys, vb, vbe, vbs, vxd, wsc, wsf, and wsh. 

The emails with these attachments will not be Sent/ Received via Zoho Mail and will be bounced back. The above file types, even if placed in a zip archive, cannot be sent/ received via Zoho Mail. The users can instead use Zoho Docs or similar services, to upload the files and share them as links in email. 

Anti-Virus Scanning: 

An anti-virus scanner automatically scans all the incoming emails, and processes them to bounce any email with malicious attachments or files. The emails with files that are found to have virus attachments will be bounced back and will not be relayed to the user, even if the email is from trusted contacts. 

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