Manage Attachments

Managing Attachments

Zoho Mail provides multiple options to manage the attachments you receive in your emails. You can view different types of attached files like Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Images, PDF, Text files directly in the browser or Zoho Applications for compatible format files. The received files can be uploaded to the cloud storage or download them locally or perform other actions. 

All the attachments in your email are available in the 'Attachment Viewer' to view them all in one place. Attachment viewer further supports quick actions, filters etc, to locate the files without worrying about the emails that have them. 

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View Attachments

Zoho Mail provides a quick view for most of the common type of attachments you receive. Files such as Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations can be viewed using the Zoho Docs suite apps. The common files such as pdf, images, text files, videos and other media you receive can also be previewed in the browser itself, based on the built-in preview options supported by the browser you use. 

This helps you to view the file, without having to download the file and looking for specific specialized software to view the same. Further you can use the option 'Add to Zoho Docs' option, in case you want to make revisions to the office type of attachments you receive. You can thus view the attachments from any device, without the complications of installed software applications. 

Even from the email listing, you can click the attachment icon to directly view the attachments in that email. Clicking the attachment icon for the header row in conversation, lists all the attachments in the entire conversation. 

Click the Attachment icon, in the header region of the email preview pane to directly navigate to the Attachments area in the email.

The following table provides you the list of attachment types and the Zoho Viewer used for the viewing the file on the go. Further, you can save these files to Zoho Docs, in case you want to make changes to the received files and send it to someone. 

Attachment TypeView Option
xlsx, xls, sxc, ods, csv, tsvZoho Sheet
docx, doc, sxw, odt, rtfZoho Writer
ppt, pps, odp, sxiZoho Show 
pdf, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, htm,htmlPreview in the Attachment viewer
mp4, mp3, wav, movPlays in Attachment viewer
icsView in the email, Add to Zoho Calendar

Download Attachments

You can download the required attachments to your local system. When you have multiple attachments, you can download all the attachments as a zip file and later extract the files individually to the desired destination folder.

You can upload the files directly to Zoho Docs, DropBox, Google Docs, One Drive or any cloud storage of your choice to collaborate or share further. 

In the More option, you can find options to Add to CloudAttach and post in Streams and Attach and send a new mail. The 'Attach and post in Streams' option lets you Post a new message in Streams with the selected attachment. Similarly you can use 'Attach and send a new mail' option to compose a new email, with the selected file as attachment. 

When you have multiple attachments in the email, you can use the 'More' option in the top, to compose a new email with all the attachments or Post a new message in Streams with the entire set of attachments. The options available are 'Post all in Streams' and 'Attach all in a new email' respectively. 

Upload to Zoho Docs

You can directly upload the attachment to Zoho Docs. This helps you to access or share the files from anywhere. This also removes any dependency towards installed software to access or work on such files on the move. 

  1. Move your cursor over the attachment in the mail view pane
  2. Choose the 'Add To Cloud' option
  3. Under the Zoho Docs tab, choose the folder type of your choice
  4. Select the specific folder under the chosen folder type
  5. You can also create a new folder by clicking on the 'Create Folder' icon on the top right corner
  6. Click 'Add' 

Once you save the file to Zoho Docs, you can further edit using the Zoho Docs editors or share it with other users using the simple, yet secure features of Zoho Docs. Further, it lets you edit your attachments online and attach it to an email.

Upload to Other Cloud Services

Zoho Mail provides you the option to upload the files to Cloud File Service of your choice. For all the emails with attachments, you can use Cloud Uploader to add emails to cloud file management services. You can choose to upload your file to Zoho Docs or Google Drive or even DropBox. Zoho Mail provides two-way integration with all these cloud storage services, which helps you to upload the attachments or add attachments from these services on the move.

Upload to Google Drive

Similar to Zoho Docs, you can upload the attachments to Google Drive, using the Cloud Uploader. You need to authenticate and grant access to Zoho Mail, the very first time you use Google Drive with Zoho Docs.

Upload to DropBox

You can upload the attachments to DropBox from Zoho Mail using the Cloud Uploader. You need to authenticate and allow Zoho Mail, the first time you use Zoho Mail with DropBox. 

You can also add an attachment to your email from your DropBox account. 


The received attachments can also be uploaded to OneDrive and Box.

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