Migrate from Docs to WorkDrive

Migrate from Zoho Docs to WorkDrive

Zoho Docs, a secure file storage and collaboration tool, has been on the market for over a decade. File management and collaboration needs of various organizations and users have evolved over the years, and WorkDrive is our new solution for modern teams and individuals.

WorkDrive offers Team Folders, redefined external sharing options, and advanced admin controls among other features. Learn more about why you should move from Docs to WorkDrive.

Zoho Docs will be discontinued on November 15, 2022. Switch to Zoho WorkDrive now!

Note: The last date to migrate from Docs to WorkDrive is November 15, 2022. After this date, you can no longer access your Docs account.

Which plans support migration from Docs to WorkDrive?
Migration will be supported for all plans of WorkDrive. This includes:

  • Free, Standard, and Premium plans of Docs for both organizations and individuals
  • Docs as part of the Zoho One bundle
  • Docs as part of the Workplace bundle

Note: For Workplace users, the migration tool is available in Zoho Mail's Control Panel.

Can't I migrate files from Docs Desktop Sync to WorkDrive Desktop Sync?
We DO NOT recommend this method, as you'll lose the share settings and version history of your files. Zoho editor files (.zdoc, .zsheet, .zslide) will not be accessible. This is because they are link files, and can be accessed only from the original source (Zoho Docs) where they were created. You need to download these files manually to the computer to get them as docx, xlsx, and pptx files, and then upload or sync them to Zoho WorkDrive.

Refer to the help articles given below for all the details and steps you need to migrate from Zoho Docs to WorkDrive for various plans.

Migration for Organizations

For paid Docs organizations

(Read Terms and Conditions)​


For free Docs organizations

(Read Terms and Conditions)


Migration for Individuals

(Read Terms and Conditions)


  • Any Docs account with admin console will be considered as an organization account, and migration will be done as an organization in WorkDrive. This applies even if there is only one user in the organization.
  • For users with WorkDrive team as part of Workplace or Zoho One trial/paid plan:
    All Docs users and their data will be migrated. Docs account will be downgraded and you can contact the WorkDrive support team for any refund from your Docs subscription.


  • After migration, you can no longer access your Zoho Docs account.
  • If you have purchased your Docs subscription online, you must add your card details in the payment page for your future subscription renewal in WorkDrive. Card details given for the Docs account cannot be used for WorkDrive.
  • If you have purchased your Docs subscription offline, you must contact WorkDrive Support after migration for future subscription renewal in WorkDrive.
  • For any refund after downgrading your Docs account, you may contact WorkDrive Support.
  • Post migration, you can upgrade or downgrade your WorkDrive plan, and add or remove storage add-ons anytime.
  • Any files that were synced to your computer via the Docs Sync app will not be deleted. Uninstall the sync app and delete the sync folder to remove all the synced files. Back up your files in a different location before deleting them from your sync folder, if needed.

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