Migrate from Docs to WorkDrive

Migrate from Docs to WorkDrive


Which plans support the migration from Docs to WorkDrive?

  • Free, Standard, and Premium plans of Docs
  • Docs as part of the Zoho One bundle
  • Docs as part of the Workplace bundle

Note: For Workplace users, the migration tool is available in Zoho Mail's Control Panel.

Who can do the migration?

  • This migration from Docs to WorkDrive is only applicable for teams and businesses with more than one user. Note that Individual users can continue to use Docs until the WorkDrive app for individual users is available.
  • Only the super admin of a Docs account can initiate migration. The super admin must migrate all users and their data themselves.

Why don't I see the WorkDrive Migration tab in my Admin Console?

For Zoho One and Workplace users, the WorkDrive Migration tool is enabled by default. For other Docs users, the migration tool is only enabled by request.

A request must be sent by email (to support@zohoworkdrive.com) from the Super Admin of a Zoho Docs Org or from a team member with the Super Admin CC'd on the email. Once we receive the request, we will then enable the WorkDrive Migration tab for the Super Admin in their Admin Console.

Can't I migrate files from Docs Desktop Sync to WorkDrive Desktop Sync?

We DO NOT recommend this method, as

  • You'll lose the share settings and version history of your files.
  • Zoho editor files (.zdoc, .zsheet, .zslide) will not be accessible. This is because they are link files, and can be accessed only from the original source (Zoho Docs) where they were created. You need to download these files manually to the computer to get them as docx, xlsx, and pptx files, and then upload or sync them to Zoho WorkDrive.

For existing WorkDrive users

Follow the steps below to easily migrate your data from Docs to WorkDrive.

  1. Sign in to your Zoho Docs account.
  2. Click WorkDrive Migration in the Admin Console page.
  3. The Team associated with the super admin will be selected automatically. ​
  4. Select Migrate all users and their data.
  5. Select the date and time to schedule your migration.

  6. Click Proceed to migrate all users and their data, as per the schedule.

  7. A new screen will open, informing you that the migration has been scheduled on the given date and time. Note: If you want to cancel the scheduled migration, click Cancel Migration. To see user details like name, total size, and file count, click Details.

For new WorkDrive users

Follow the steps below to set up your WorkDrive account and migrate your data from Docs to WorkDrive.

  1. Sign in to your Zoho Docs account.
  2. Click WorkDrive Migration in the Admin Console page.
  3. Click Set up your Team. A setup dialog box will open.
  4. new team will be automatically created in WorkDrive with the same Org name and users in Org. Note: By default, you will be added to the WorkDrive's Business plan with a 15-day free trial.

  5. Click Continue.

  6. Select Migrate all users and their data.

  7. Select the date and time to schedule your migration.

  8. Click Proceed to migrate all users and their data, as per the schedule.

  9. A new screen will open informing you that the migration has been scheduled on the given date and time. Note: If you want to cancel the scheduled migration, click Cancel Migration. To see user details like name, total size and file count, click Details.


  • Files migrated to WorkDrive can no longer be accessed in the Docs web app.
  • Any files that were synced to your computer via the Docs Sync app will not be deleted. Uninstall the sync app and delete the sync folder to remove all the synced files. Back up your files in a different location before deleting them from your sync folder, if needed.
  • If you are in the 15-day free trial of WorkDrive, upgrade your WorkDrive account after migration, which will automatically downgrade your Docs account and transfer the balance amount as credits to WorkDrive. Check the pricing for WorkDrive here.
  • If you have already bought a WorkDrive subscription, downgrade your Docs account after migrating your data from Docs to WorkDrive, and contact our support team at support@zohoworkdrive.com to get your refund for the remaining period.

Upgrade to a paid WorkDrive plan

  1. Go to your Zoho WorkDrive account and click your Team in the top-left corner.
  2. Click UPGRADE next to your Team name.
  3. Choose the required plan by clicking its corresponding UPGRADE button.
  4. Choose the payment frequency (Monthly or Yearly), enter the number of users, and click Continue.
  5. Review your Order Summary and click Confirm.
  6. Enter your billing details and make a payment.

Downgrade your Docs account

  1. Click this link (https://docs.zoho.com/showplan.do) to downgrade your Docs account. Note: Once you migrate data, you no longer can access your Docs account.
  2. Select Change Plan under Manage Subscription.
  3. Click DOWNGRADE under the Free Docs Plan. A dialog box will open asking for your confirmation.
  4. Unselect Downgrade automatically at the end of current billing cycle (i.e. 10 Jan 2020) and click Confirm Downgrade.

Note: Once you downgrade your Docs account, contact our support team at support@zohoworkdrive.com to get your refund. The refund will be processed based on your subscription plan.

What's migrated?

  • All your members and their files will be migrated to WorkDrive. Note: Suspended users will also be migrated with their same status.
  • Team members' private files will be moved to My Folders.
  • Files in Workspaces will be moved to Private Team Folders. Note: If any files have been associated with more than one workspace, those files will be migrated to its corresponding private Team Folder that was created first.
  • All internal sharing settings and group sharing will be retained.
  • Folder structures and version history of files will be maintained.
  • All trash files in Docs will be moved to the corresponding trash folders in WorkDrive. Even deleted files in Docs will be moved to WorkDrive, and those files can be restored by team admins through the Data Administration tab in Admin Console.
  • Files that have been moved to WorkDrive will be removed from your Zoho Docs desktop app, and will automatically be moved to WorkDrive desktop app upon installation of the app. Note: Even if you pull files individually from Docs to WorkDrive, they'll no longer be available in Docs desktop app.

What's not migrated?

  • If individual files or folders in a workspace have been shared with members outside it, then those share permissions will not be retained.
  • External sharing will not be maintained, which means external users that the files have been shared with will no longer have access to it. Once you migrate these files, you can share them externally. External sharing in WorkDrive works differently from that in Docs. WorkDrive lets you create multiple links to share files externally and also customize them with password protection, expiry date and access permissions. Read more on external sharing here. We are working on providing guest access to external users to improve collaboration with your team.
  • Tags added to files and folders will not be moved to WorkDrive. We are working on an improved custom fields feature instead of tags.
  • Attachments added in file comments will not be retained.
  • Tasks assigned to users in Docs will not be migrated to WorkDrive. We're working on a workflow feature for WorkDrive to replace tasks in a better way.
  • User access stats and activity logs from Docs will not be migrated. However, once the files are migrated, WorkDrive will start collecting the user access stats and activity logs. If you need any specific data from Docs, you can contact us at support@zohoworkdrive.com. We can provide you with the data in CSV or XLS file format.
  • Files shared by an external Docs user (like a partner or supplier) after you migrate to Zoho WorkDrive will not appear in your Shared with me list. However, you can access these files through the links received in your emails.
  • Dropbox sync option will not be available in WorkDrive. However, teams will be given an option to either migrate from Dropbox or pick files from Dropbox. The Dropbox files that were already synced to Docs will be moved to WorkDrive, but will not be synced with Dropbox any longer. ​If you need any support to migrate data from Dropbox, you can contact us at support@zohoworkdrive.com.

How roles are migrated

Team Roles


  • Docs users who have yet to join a team in WorkDrive will be automatically activated once migration for the team starts. This includes users who have gotten the invitation to join, users who are yet to be invited to join, and users who have rejected the invitation to join. Roles assigned in Docs will be maintained to these users in WorkDrive after migration.
  • If a user has an admin role in Docs and a user role in WorkDrive, during migration the user's role will be changed to admin in WorkDrive.
  • If a user has a member role in Docs and an admin role in WorkDrive, during migration the user's role will not be changed.

File Permissions

Folder Permissions

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