What's New: A Zoho WorkDrive Timeline




Search within a folder

You can now quickly find your files by searching directly inside a particular Team Folder, My Folders, or a sub-folder inside these folders.

Learn how to search within a folder


Support for auto-upgrade in TrueSync (Windows)

WorkDrive TrueSync app now supports auto-upgrading to the latest version for Windows OS. You must manually download and install the latest TrueSync app version 3.4.0 to avail this feature.

Download the latest TrueSync app for Windows (version 3.4.0)

Supported OS versions: Windows 7 & above



Collect Files

Create collection links to easily request any number of users to upload files to a particular folder. Once users upload their files, you will be able to view their submissions and manage their files effortlessly.

You can create separate collection links for internal (team users) and external users (anyone on the internet) with a custom link settings, such as expiration date, file count limit, and file size limit.


  • Users don't need to sign up for a WorkDrive account to upload files.
  • Users uploading files cannot view files uploaded by others

Available in: WorkDrive's Team and Business plans

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HIPAA compliance with Zoho WorkDrive

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires Covered Entities and Business Associates to take certain measures to protect health information that can identify an individual. It also provides certain rights to individuals.

WorkDrive provides the following features or tools that can help users handling protected health information to be HIPAA compliant.

  • Clearly defined user roles and permissions at team, team folder, and sub-folder levels.
  • External share settings at team, team folder, and user levels.
  • Data Retention Policy
  • Team Activity Reports
  • Device management
  • WorkDrive app permissions
  • Transferring file ownership when deleting a user
  • Data Encryption in transit and at rest

Some features are only available in the WorkDrive's higher plans. Learn more about the available features in each WorkDrive plan here.

Learn more on HIPAA compliance with Zoho WorkDrive


Storage limit in My Folders

Zoho WorkDrive offers a single shared storage for your entire organization. This means no separate storage for My Folders, Team Folders, or users. If you wish to restrict your team users from using a large storage space in their My Folders, you can now set a storage limit.

You can set a storage limit in My Folders at both team level and user level.

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Manage external sharing in My Folders

Team admins can now restrict individual users in their team from sharing files from My Folders with external users. When external sharing is disabled in My Folders for a user, they will not be able to set the permalink visibility to anyone on the internet. They will not be able to create external share links, download links, and embed codes. Any previously created share links will no longer work.

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WorkDrive is now available in all Workplace plans!

Zoho WorkDrive is now available for all Workplace users, including those who subscribed before Zoho WorkDrive was introduced in the Workplace plan (i.e., for the users who have access to Zoho Docs).

Both Zoho Docs and WorkDrive will be available for some more months for Workplace users. Users can start exploring WorkDrive and its features for their team. We will be rolling out the migration tool in phases. This will help users to move their entire data from Zoho Docs to Zoho WorkDrive.

Read this announcement for more details



Data Templates - Enhancements

  • In addition to Team Folders, users can now associate files and folders from My Folders and Shared with Me to the required data templates.
  • Data Templates have been added as a separate section in the right panel for quick access, below the Info icon. Previously it was located inside the Info section.
  • Associated Data Templates will be shown as a label in the file listing for quick access.

Learn more about Data Templates


Support for advanced file properties (meta data)

Zoho WorkDrive now supports some advanced properties (metadata) for different file types. When you upload files from your desktop or from other cloud services with advanced file properties, you will be able to see them in WorkDrive.

Check the list of advanced properties supported for different file types here.



WorkDrive Genie: a quick-editing app for desktop

The WorkDrive Genie app helps you open and edit any of your WorkDrive files on the web with your default desktop applications. For example, you can open and edit files such as documents, images, and videos with Microsoft Word, CorelDRAW, and Adobe Premiere Pro, respectively, on your desktop.

Download WorkDrive Genie (Download link)

Note: WorkDrive Genie is currently only supported for Windows OS

Learn more about the WorkDrive Genie app


Custom Domain

Using a custom domain name will allow your team members to access WorkDrive via a URL relevant to your organization or team. This will also help promote your brand when you share files with external users using your company's custom domain name.

For example, let's say you are from the organization Zylker. Instead of the typical WorkDrive domain, which is https://workdrive.zoho.com, you can log in to your WorkDrive account via a custom URL like https://workdrive.zylker.com or https://documents.zylker.com.

Support for custom domain is only available in WorkDrive's Business plan. Check the details of all plans of WorkDrive here.

Learn how to set up a custom domain for your WorkDrive account



Introducing client users

If you work with external users for a long period (say, 6-12 months), you can now add them as client users to your WorkDrive Team with limited roles and permissions. Team admins can add client users to the required Team Folders from the Admin Console.

  • Client users can access WorkDrive using web and mobile applications.
  • You will need to buy licenses for client users separately as an add-on. Member licenses cannot be used to purchase client user licenses.

Learn more about client users



Templates are preset layouts that help you create files with consistent file settings, such as style, design, and formatting, including the default or primary content. Zoho WorkDrive allows you to create and use templates for documents and spreadsheets via Zoho Writer and Sheet, respectively.

Save files as Templates
Anyone on the team can save files as a template to their My Templates, but only Team, Enterprise, and Template Admins can save files as a template to Org Templates.

Create files using Templates
You can create new Writer (document), and Sheet (spreadsheet) files using templates from My Templates, Org Templates, and Public Templates.

Learn more on Templates


Share files and folders with WorkDrive Support

Share files and folders with the WorkDrive support team to analyze, debug, or understand issues related to preview, formatting, and editing.

  • Download and comment permissions are restricted for WorkDrive Support by default.
  • File or folder access will be automatically removed after 7 days.
  • Activity and access stats of WorkDrive support will be logged in each file or folder for auditing.

Learn more about sharing to WorkDrive Support


Follow updates

Follow important files and folders to stay up-to-date on all changes made by your collaborators. For files, you will get instant notifications for version update, rename, and comment actions. For folders, you will get notifications for create, upload, add, or remove actions.

You can choose a preferred notification setting to receive bell notifications, email notifications, or both.

Learn more about following files and folders




Device Management

Team Admins can now view and manage all of their team members' connected devices from the Admin Console. They can do the following:

  • View all connected devices

  • Set permissions for desktop and mobile apps

  • Disconnect, or wipe and disconnect, devices remotely

Support for managing user devices is only available in WorkDrive's Business plan.

Learn more about managing team devices


WorkDrive App Settings (at team level)

Admins can centrally manage access to WorkDrive's desktop and mobile apps at the team level from the Admin Console. If disabled, team members will not be able to use WorkDrive apps to access files.

Support for managing permission for WorkDrive apps is only available in WorkDrive's Business plan.

Learn more about team-level access settings


Draft Settings

Team Admins can now enable or disable drafts at the team level. If enabled, any documents, spreadsheets, and presentations your team members create in Team Folders via Zoho Writer, Sheet, and Show will be first saved as Drafts. The files in the draft state will not be visible to other members until the owner marks them as ready.


Import users from Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

The Zoho WorkDrive application in Azure Marketplace will help you import users from Microsoft 365 directly into your Zoho WorkDrive account.

Similarly, the Zoho WorkDrive application in Google Workspace Marketplace will help you import Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) users directly into your Zoho WorkDrive account.

Learn how to import users from Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace



WorkDrive now supports 10 Indian Languages

WorkDrive now supports these 10 Indian languages for the web application:

  • Assamese
  • Bengali
  • Gujarati
  • Hindi
  • Kannada
  • Marathi
  • Punjabi
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Urdu
Check out all the supported languages in WorkDrive

Additional OCR search language

With WorkDrive's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature, you can search for any text contained within images. English is the default OCR search language. In addition to that, Team Admins can now choose one more language from the Content Settings in Admin Console.

View the list of all supported languages for OCR in WorkDrive Search



Introducing Data Retention Policy

WorkDrive's Data Retention Policy allows you to retain files and folders for up to a certain period (such as 30 days), then automatically delete them afterwards.

  • For Trash in My Folders and Team Folders, Team Admins can choose whether they want to keep those files indefinitely or set them to be deleted after 7, 15, or 30 days.
  • For Deleted Items in the Admin Console, Team Admins can choose whether they want to permanently delete them after 7, 30, 90, or 120 days.

The Data Retention Policy is only available for the WorkDriveBusiness plan, and Zoho One users.

Learn more about WorkDrive's new Data Retention Policy

File conversion settings in My Folders

Now you can choose whether documents, spreadsheets, and presentations newly uploaded to My Folders should be automatically converted to the respective Zoho WorkDrive format (i.e., Writer, Sheet, or Show). Check the supported files for conversion in WorkDrive.

Learn more about file conversion settings in WorkDrive

Permission for creating Private Team Folders

Team admins can now decide who can create private Team Folders in their team, whether Team admins only or anyone on the team.

Learn More about Team Folder Permissions

Download and print permissions for embedded files and folders

Team admins can now allow or restrict anyone on the internet to download and print embedded files and folders from websites and blogs.

Learn More



Preview support for different file versions

You can now preview different versions of a file in WorkDrive.

To preview file versions:

1. Right-click a file and select Preview.
2. Click the Details icon on the right sidebar.
3. Select View versions under Modified by. You can view the list of versions made to the file under the Versions tab.
4. Click the vertical dots icon next to a file version, then select Preview.


    • Zoho WorkDrive supports previews for 160+ file formats. You can view the complete list of supported files here. 

    • Versions of Writer, Sheet, and Show files are maintained in their respective Zoho editors.


    PDF preview enhancements

    WorkDrive now supports the following features while previewing PDF files:

    Preview all pages in a PDF using thumbnails, and quickly jump to a required page. Page thumbnails are created automatically in the preview mode.

    Bookmarks that have been created in PDF files from other apps can now be viewed in WorkDrive. You cannot create new bookmarks in WorkDrive.

    Search for specific text within PDF files easily using the Find option.


    Preview support for Email formats (.eml & .msg)

    WorkDrive now supports preview for .eml and .msg email file formats.

    • In case there are any email attachments, attachments will only be listed for reference and cannot be viewed in WorkDrive.
    • Inline attachments (images inside emails) also cannot be viewed.

    Thumbnail support for pages, numbers, keynote, and sketch files

    You can now view thumbnails of pages, numbers, keynote, and sketch files in a WorkDrive folder when the folder's view is set to Thumbnail.

    You will only be able to preview the first page of these file types.


    Audio and Video preview enhancements

    Audio and Video Enhancements

    Loop: Play audio/video on loop.

    Copy URL at current time: Copy URL at audio/video's current time to share with others.

    Playback speed: Choose a speed at which the audio/video should play. Available speeds: .25x, .5x, .75x, 1 (Normal), 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x 


    Light and Dark themes for preview

    Zoho WorkDrive now supports light and dark themes for preview.



    Built-in migration tool for Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan

    If you want to migrate your data from OneDrive (Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan) to Zoho WorkDrive, you can make use of our built-in migration tool.

    The Super Admin or Admin of the WorkDrive account should first raise a request for migration. Once we have the requirements, we will enable the migration tool in their WorkDrive account. The Super Admin or Admins can then find the migration tool in their Admin Console and start the migration from there.

    Please read these migration prerequisites and limitations first, and then follow the migration steps given on the help page to migrate your data.

    Learn More

    WorkDrive TrueSync App for Mac (beta)

    WorkDrive TrueSync for Mac

    The WorkDrive TrueSync app gives you a virtual drive of your WorkDrive account on your computer to access all your files without actually downloading any of them. This saves you storage space on the desktop.

    TrueSync also lets you sync files in Zoho WorkDrive's web version to your computer and vice versa. With WorkDrive TrueSync, you can make the data on your computer to be available either online only or offline.

    Download TrueSync app for Mac (download link)

    Learn More




    Labels in WorkDrive

    Labels help you to easily identify and access files and folders across different locations in WorkDrive. You can add labels based on priority, status, task, and much more. Once you add a label to files and folders, you can view all those items under each label.

    Learn More

    User Preferences

    User Preferences in WorkDrive

    User Preferences in WorkDrive helps you to choose the default settings for your account, such as theme, view, sorting, and landing location.

    Learn More



    Introducing TrueSync App for Windows (beta)

    The WorkDrive TrueSync app gives you a virtual drive of your WorkDrive account on your computer to access all your files without actually downloading any of them. This saves you storage space on the desktop.

    Let's say you've got 250 GB of hard drive space. With the TrueSync virtual drive, you can still access and work with over 1 TB of your data in WorkDrive.

    TrueSync also lets you sync files in Zoho WorkDrive's web version to your computer and vice versa. With WorkDrive TrueSync, you can make the data on your computer to be available either online only or offline.

    Download TrueSync app for Windows (download link)

    Learn More



    Storage limit increased for various plans

    To serve our users better, we have increased the storage limit for WorkDrive's Starter and Team plans, and the Professional plan in Zoho Workplace.

    Starter plan

    Previously, the Starter plan provided 100 GB/team for up to 10 users and an additional shared storage of 10 GB/new user after that.

    Now, the Starter plan will offer 1 TB/team for up to 10 users and an additional shared storage of 100 GB/new user after that.


    Team plan

    Previously, the Team plan provided 1 TB/team for up to 10 users and an additional shared storage of 100 GB/new user after that.

    Now, the Team plan will offer 3 TB/team for up to 10 users and an additional shared storage of 300 GB/new user after that.

    Please refer to the WorkDrive pricing page for more details.


    WorkDrive as part of the Zoho Workplace bundle

    Previously in Workplace, the Professional plan provided a shared storage of 10 GB/user. Now, the Professional plan will offer a shared storage of 100 GB/user.

    Please refer to the Workplace pricing page for more details.

    Note: These changes will apply to both the existing and new WorkDrive users.


    Share files and folders externally with default permissions (for anyone on the internet)

    You can now share files and folders for anyone on the internet with the default permissions (view and download) without creating an external share link.

    To share files and folders externally with default permissions:

    1. Select a file or folder and click the share icon in the top Actions bar. A share dialog box will appear.

    2. Click Change Visibility next to Permalink. By default, existing collaborators will be selected.

    3. Click the dropdown next to existing collaborators and select Anyone on internet.

    This will be the default external sharing option in WorkDrive.

    Refer to these help articles for more details:

    Share files and folders externally from a Team Folder

    Share files and folders externally from My Folders


    Custom download links for folders

    You can now create custom download links for folders (in addition to files) stored in a Team Folder or My Folders and share them with external users. You can set a download limit and expiration for each download link.

    You can also create multiple custom download links for the same folder and share them with different user groups.

    Learn More

    Creating embed codes for files and folders

    Creating multiple embed codes for each file or folder has now been limited. You can only create one embed code for a file or folder, but you can add them to multiple websites or blogs. External users will only be able to view and download the embedded files and folders.

    Zoho WorkDrive supports preview for 160+ file formats. You can embed all 160+ file types (including PDFs, images, and videos).

    Learn More



    Introducing Data Templates and Custom Fields

    In WorkDrive, you can now create Data Templates to classify files and folders and add custom information or properties as metadata to organize them. Once you associate files and folders with custom values, you can easily search for and manage data using the Data Templates filter.

    Data Templates are ideal for any company that stores data in files and folders and manages them daily or at regular intervals.

    Note: This feature is only available in the WorkDrive's Business edition.

    Learn More

    Attach files and folders from WorkDrive within Zoho CRM

    Zoho CRM users can now attach WorkDrive files and folders as links in various modules and emails. You can choose one of the following link settings when you attach files and folders:

    Anyone in the team or organization can view: This means any member of your team or organization in WorkDrive can view them.

    Members with access permission: Only members given permission in WorkDrive can access them.

    Anyone with the link can view: Any external users, regardless of whether they have a WorkDrive account, can access them through the shared link.


    • When WorkDrive files are attached as links, team or organization members and external users will have access to the latest updated versions.
    • When you link a WorkDrive folder to a CRM Module, such as a CRM lead, you can keep adding new files to the folder from the WorkDrive app. All the new files will be automatically available in the respective CRM lead record's attachment list and can be accessed by all members with access permissions.

    Share files and folders with Groups

    A team member can now share a file or folder with Groups (including both WorkDrive Groups and Org Groups).

    Note: This Groups feature is only available in TeamBusiness, and Enterprise editions of WorkDrive.

    Learn More

    Newly supported languages in the web app

    In addition to the previous 27 languages, WorkDrive web app and mobile apps now support these 3 new languages:

    1. Thai (ไทย)
    2. Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia)
    3. Malay (Bahasa Melayu)

    View the list of all supported languages here.


    Search using text in images (Optical Character Recognition)

    WorkDrive's new Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature extracts text from all your images, as well as from documents where images have been added. Extracted text will be converted into searchable metadata, making it even easier to search for your saved files.

    For example, if you use the search term "car," the OCR feature will fetch all images and documents where the word "car" occurs in images.

    • Supported languages for text extraction: 70 (check out all the supported languages here)
    • Supported image formats - JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIF, TIFF, BMP
    • Supported document formats - PDF, DOCX, DOC, PPT, PPTX
    Learn More

    Search using objects in images (Object Detection)

    With WorkDrive's Object Detection feature, you can search for image files based on the actual objects they depict.

    For example, if you use the search term "car," the Object Detection feature will fetch all images that have a car in them.

    Here's the list of supported object categories in Object Detection Search.

    Learn More



    Scan documents and upload (iOS app)

    Quickly scan and upload documents as images or PDFs with the WorkDrive iOS mobile app. You can choose your preferred location to save (e.g., My Folders, Shared with Me, or a Team Folder) and rename the files if needed before saving them to WorkDrive.


    Share files and folders with Groups (iOS and Android apps)

    You can now share files and folders individually with Group members using the WorkDrive iOS and Android mobile apps. This is similar to sharing files and folders with team members—just add the Group name instead of team members in the Share dialog, give an appropriate access level, and share.

    You can learn how to create Groups in WorkDrive here. The Groups feature is only available in the Team and Business editions of WorkDrive.

    Groups created in Zoho One (Collaboration Groups), Zoho Workplace, and Zoho Directory are said to be Org Groups. You can share a file or folder with these Org Groups as well.


    View Group details (iOS app)

    Team members can now view the list of Groups created in their Team under Team Details.


    Bug fix (iOS app)

    The issue in previewing .docx, .xlsx and .pptx format files through the Files app have been fixed.


    Dark mode support (iOS app)

    WorkDrive's iOS mobile app will now support the iOS 13 dark mode feature.


    New default view (iOS and Android apps)

    When you close and open the mobile app, you will now be shown your last accessed section (e.g., Recent Files/Favorites/Offline) or folder (e.g., My Folders/Shared with Me/Team Folder) by default.


    Drag and drop on iPad

    iPad users can now drag and drop files from other apps such as Files and Photos to WorkDrive with the Multitasking feature.


    Enhanced upload experience (Android app)

    When you upload files, you can now view the upload status of each file on your screen. You can choose to remove any files from the upload list, if needed.


    Filters enabled in Search (Android app)

    When you search for a file or folder in the Android mobile app, you can now use filters, such as LocationFile types, and Time, to further narrow down your search results.


    Zia Search (iOS and Android apps)

    When there are no search results found in WorkDrive, you can now search across Zoho apps using Zia Search. You must have installed the Zia Search app to use this feature.


    Tighter integrations with other Zoho apps (Android app)

    When you view your team members under Team Details in WorkDrive, you now have the option to:

    • Use Zoho Cliq to chat with, call, and video conference with that team member.
    • Use Zoho Mail to send an email to that team member.
    • Use Zia Search to search for that member's details and interaction across all Zoho apps. 

    Note: You must have installed Zoho Cliq, Mail, and Zia Search apps on your mobile to use these respective features.


    Bug fixes (Android app)

    • The issue in granting access level while sharing files and folders has been fixed.
    • Issues that caused random app crashes have been fixed now.



    Grant 'Share' access to files and 'Organize' permissions for folders in Team Folders

    • You can share files in a Team Folder by using the Share permission. This enables collaborators to create, edit and share files inside the folder, and add comments to them. Learn More
    • You can share folders in a Team Folder with Organize permission. This enables collaborators to create, edit, organize and share files inside the folder, and add comments to them. Learn More

    WorkDrive Picker for Zoho Mail

    When you try to attach WorkDrive files in Zoho Mail via Widgets, you will see two options:

    1. Attach as a link
    2. Attach as a copy

    Attach as a link

    Recipients will be able to see the latest changes and edit files based on their permission level.

    You can choose from one of the following link settings when you attach files:

    • Recipients of this email can view (these users must be part of your WorkDrive team)
    • Anyone in your team can view
    • Anyone in your organization can view (only for Enterprise edition)
    • Anyone with the link can view

    Note: Edit permission will be available in the future.

    Attach as a copy

    Files will be downloaded and attached as a copy to the recipients.


    • Folders can only be attached as a link. They cannot be attached as a copy.
    • Zoho format files (i.e., Writer, Sheet, and Show files) can only be attached as a link.

    WorkDrive Picker for Zoho CRM

    Zoho One users of CRM can now attach WorkDrive folders as links in various CRM modules.

    You can choose one of the following link settings when you attach files:

    • Anyone in the team can view
    • Anyone with the link can view

    Once you link a WorkDrive folder to a CRM Module, say a CRM lead, you can keep adding new files to the folder from the WorkDrive app. All the new files will be automatically available in the respective CRM Lead record's attachment list.


    WorkDrive Picker for Zoho Connect

    Attach WorkDrive files from Team Folders and My Folders as links in your Connect posts, tasks, and events.

    You can choose one of the below link settings when you attach files:

    • Anyone in the team can view
    • Anyone with the link can view

    Cloud Picker for Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, and Zoho Subscriptions

    WorkDrive is now available via Cloud Picker in Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, and Zoho Subscriptions. With this integration, you can attach WorkDrive files as a copy from Team Folders or My Folders.

    Zoho Books
    You can attach WorkDrive files as a copy in Estimates, Sales Orders, Delivery Challans, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Bills, Vendor Credits, Manual Journals, and Chart of Accounts.

    Zoho Invoice
    You can attach WorkDrive files as a copy in Estimates, Delivery Challans, Invoices, and Expense receipts.

    Zoho Subscriptions
    You can attach WorkDrive files as a copy to Customers in Zoho Subscriptions. You can upload a maximum of 10 files, 5MB each to a customer.


    WorkDrive Picker for Zoho ShowTime

    After creating a session, you can attach materials from WorkDrive as links. "Anyone with the link can view" is the only available link setting for WorkDrive files.

    For remote and face-to-face sessions:

    • You can only attach presentation files.
    • You can only attach one presentation per session.

    For on-demand sessions:

    • You can attach PDFs, videos, and presentations.
    • You can attach multiple files per session.

    Enhancements in WorkDrive Picker

    You can now search for files and folders while picking from WorkDrive. You can directly upload files to WorkDrive via the WorkDrive Picker and attach them as links in the required place.


    Import your data from Zoho WorkDrive into Zoho Analytics

    Zoho Analytics now supports importing your data from Zoho WorkDrive. With this option, you can import CSV, Excel (XLS and XLSX), HTML, JSON, XML and Tabular text files in My Folders or a Team Folder for advanced reporting and analysis.

    You can schedule the import settings which will synchronize the data from WorkDrive in the selected periodic interval.

    Learn More 


    Manage your Zoho Forms attachments in WorkDrive

    You can now store and manage attachments from Zoho Forms in WorkDrive. You can also choose to store the form submission as a PDF file in WorkDrive.

    Integration of WorkDrive with other Zoho apps via WorkDrive Picker (attach files as links/copies) and Cloud Picker (attach files as a copy) is the first step towards making WorkDrive a central repository of files.




    "Edit" permissions for externally shared folders

    You can now assign Edit access when you share folders with external users. When an external user is granted permission, they will only be able to edit Zoho's native format files (i.e., Writer, Sheet, and Show files) in the shared folder. 

    External users with edit access do not need to have a Zoho account to edit these files.

    Learn More

    Embed files in websites and blogs

    Easily create embed codes for files and folders stored in Team Folders or My Folders and add them to your website or blog. For embed codes, you can set a password, allow or restrict downloads, and request user data from external users. 

    You can create multiple custom embed codes for the same file or folder to add them to different websites or blogs with different sharing specifications.

    WorkDrive's reports for each embed code shows you the number of views and downloads made by external users, as well as any requested user details, such as name, phone number, and email address.

    Learn More

    Direct Download links

    Create download links for your files to send to your stakeholders. Similar to embed links, you can also apply usual external sharing settings to these download links. Also, you can restrict the number of downloads for a file. Once it reaches the threshold, no more downloads will be allowed via the link. 

    Learn More

    Clean, responsive mobile web access

    Externally shared files and folders will now look even cleaner and be easier to navigate on your mobile browsers. File Previews for videos, PDFs, and images will be easier to view and navigate, too.   


    WorkDrive is now a part of the Workplace bundle

    WorkDrive is now included, along with Writer, Sheet, and Show, when users sign up for Zoho's Workplace bundle. 

    For existing users, Zoho Docs will be replaced by WorkDrive. For new users, Zoho Docs will not be available.

    • WorkDrive's Basic edition is mapped to Workplace's Standard plan
    • WorkDrive's Starter edition is mapped to Workplace's Professional plan

    You can upgrade your WorkDrive edition separately without upgrading your Workplace plan. Check the details of all editions of WorkDrive here.



    WorkDrive Gadgets now available for Zoho Desk

    Our new integration lets you add WorkDrive files into Zoho Desk as attachments in Requests. You can download the attachments from Zoho Desk if needed, and if you no longer need the attachment, simply delete it from the request.


    WorkDrive Gadgets now available for Zoho Sign

    With this integration, you can import WorkDrive files into Zoho Sign as attachments while performing the following actions:

    • Send for signatures
    • Sign yourself
    • Create Templates



    File Upload via Email

    Team Folder admins can allow team members and external users to upload files to their Team Folders via email. If Allow file uploads via email is enabled, WorkDrive will generate a unique email address for that Team Folder. Any attachments sent to that email address will be uploaded to the specified location in the Team Folder.

    Learn More

    "Pick from WorkDrive" option enabled in Zoho Projects

    This integration lets you pick files from WorkDrive and attach them as links to your Tasks and Bugs in Zoho Projects. The default share permissions in WorkDrive will apply to the associated files.



    Our built-in migration tool is now available for G Suite and Dropbox Business users

    It's now even easier to migrate your data to Zoho WorkDrive from G Suite Drive or Dropbox Business with our built-in migration tool.

    To do so, the Super Admin or an Admin of the WorkDrive account should first raise a request for migration. Once we have the requirements, we will enable the migration tool in their WorkDrive account. The Super Admin or Admins can then find the Migration tool in their Admin Console and start the migration from there.

    Refer the help documents for G Suite and Dropbox migrations.



    Groups feature enabled for all WorkDrive users

    Create Groups based on member roles or profiles, and easily add the entire Group to Team Folders. This reduces the need for adding members individually to a Team Folder.

    The Groups feature is only available in the Team and Business editions of WorkDrive.

    Create and manage Groups in your Team

    Add Groups to a Team Folder


    You can now buy storage add-ons in WorkDrive

    If your team needs additional space in WorkDrive, you can easily buy more storage, available in increments of 10 GB, 100 GB, and 1 TB. 

    The additional amount will be automatically added to your WorkDrive subscription for both monthly and yearly plans. Refer pricing page for more details.


    Zoho Mail Integration

    Zoho Mail's integration with WorkDrive supports adding email attachments to WorkDrive and sharing WorkDrive files as links in emails. The Zoho WorkDrive integration is enabled by default in the eWidget, so no further configuration is required.

    Learn More



    WorkDrive for Microsoft Office Add-on


    The WorkDrive for Microsoft Office add-on helps you save MS Office files from desktop to Zoho WorkDrive, and open and edit MS Office files from Zoho WorkDrive on your desktop via the Office add-on.

    Supported MS Office versions

    Microsoft® Office (versions: 2013, 2016, and 2019)

    Supported OS

    Windows only (versions: 7, 7 professional, 8, 8.1, and 10)

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    Allow or restrict downloads in Team Folders

    Team Folder Admins can allow or restrict the option to download and print files in a Team Folder. When it is restricted, Team Folder members with the viewer role and other team members with view-only access will not be able to download and print files.

    Note: When download is restricted in a Team Folder, users with viewer role and view-only access can't sync the Team Folder and its sub-folders, respectively, to their computer via the WorkDrive Desktop Sync app.

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    Zoho WorkDrive web and mobile apps support 27 languages

    Zoho WorkDrive is now available in 27 languages for both web and mobile applications.

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    External users can now edit Zoho-format files

    WorkDrive users can share their Zoho-format files created in Writer, Sheet, and Show with external users by creating external share links. External users can now be given VIEW or EDIT access to these shared files.

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    Manage all external share links in a Team Folder

    Admins and organizers of a Team Folder can now view and manage all their external share links in one place. They can hover over an external share link to copy the link, view stats, modify settings, and even delete the link.

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    Zoho WorkDrive for Gmail add-on is live in the G Suite Marketplace

    The Zoho WorkDrive for Gmail add-on, which is available for both G Suite users and free Google users, will help you increase your productivity by saving email attachments directly to your WorkDrive account and sharing WorkDrive files or folders via email.

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    Stable new installer for windows OS (.msi)

    WorkDrive Desktop Sync has a new stable installer (.msi) for Window OS. It can now be installed separately for standard and admin users accounts. We recommend installing the sync app as an admin, which requires an admin password. For standard users, the password is not required, but some features won't be available.



    Export your Team Activity Report

    Admins can now export the generated team activity report. All exported reports will be saved automatically to the Activities folder in My Folders. The report will be saved as a CSV (comma-separated values) file.

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    WorkDrive Desktop Sync will notify you when files and folders are shared with you

    When a file or folder has been shared with you by your team members, you will receive a notification in WorkDrive Desktop Sync. You can click Add To WorkDrive to sync the file or folder to your system, if required. Kindly note that if you have not enabled selective sync, by default, all shared files and folders will be added to WorkDrive.


    Desktop Sync starts up faster after a system restart

    We've sped up how quickly WorkDrive Desktop Sync starts when your system is restarted, even if you have a large amount of data in the sync folder.



    Import files directly from other cloud storage services

    With the cloud picker option in Zoho WorkDrive, you can now import files from third-party cloud storage services like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Evernote.

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    Groups support for Zoho One users

    Create groups in Zoho One and view them in your Zoho WorkDrive account. Groups can be added to Team Folders in the same way that you add members to them. All group members will have the same role (Admin, Organizer, Editor, or Viewer) in the Team Folder.

    With groups, you don't have to manually invite or remove members with the same role to a Team Folder. Any changes that you make in a group (in Zoho One), like adding or removing members, will be reflected everywhere the group has been used.


    Restore Team Folder

    Deleting a Team Folder will erase all its files and folders, but you can now restore the deleted Team Folders from the Admin Console.

    Learn more

    New contextual menu in WorkDrive desktop sync

    The contextual menu shown here has been added to the WorkDrive Desktop Sync for Windows and Mac operating systems.

    Copy Zoho WorkDrive Link

    Get the permalink of any file using the Copy Zoho WorkDrive Link option.

    View on Zoho WorkDrive

    Directly open any file from the Sync folder in your browser to preview, edit or share it.

    Move to Zoho WorkDrive/My Folders

    Right click on any file on your desktop to quickly move it to your My Folders in the WorkDrive Sync folder.




    External users can now upload files

    When you share a folder externally, you can give VIEW or UPLOAD access to external users. External users can preview, download, and upload files (maximum file upload size = 250 MB).

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    View access stats for external users

    You can view a list of the external users who have accessed the file via the external share link, their number of views and downloads, and the date and time they last accessed the file.

    Learn more

    Migrate from Zoho Docs to Zoho WorkDrive

    Zoho WorkDrive, a file management app for teams and businesses, will soon replace Zoho Docs. Use the migration tool to effortlessly migrate all your data from Docs to WorkDrive.

    This migration is only applicable for teams and businesses with more than one user. Note that individual users can continue to use Docs until the WorkDrive app for individual users is available.

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    WorkDrive picker enabled in CRM for Zoho One users

    Zoho One users of CRM can now share WorkDrive files directly from CRM modules with their team members or external users.



    Change Super Admin contact

    The Super Admin of a team can now be changed directly from the Profile Settings in the Admin Console. The Super Admin is the user who creates the team. All important emails related to payment invoices and the account will be sent to the Super Admin.

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    Transfer ownership of files when deleting a user

    If a member switches to a different team or leaves the organization, you can easily transfer ownership of all their files to another member before deleting their account.

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