Get in Sync

Work online or off. Sync to the cloud from your Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu Linux desktop and vice versa. Maximize your local storage space by choosing which files to sync and de-sync. 


Want to sync all your WorkDrive files to your desktop-without using up your storage space?

Try TrueSync

Move online, work offline

Switch between desktop and cloud easily with Zoho WorkDrive Sync for Desktop. Just drag and drop to move files online. When you're away from your internet connection, drop files into the app and they'll sync when you're back online.

Move online, work offline

Huge uploads, in seconds

 Share data with your team without worrying about file size. Even large files—pictures, audio clips, and videos—are fast and free to upload.  


No network, no problem

Work on shared files even when you're offline. Drop a file into a Team Folder in the Zoho WorkDrive Desktop app, and see your latest edits when you're back online.

Sync back and forth

Keep your files where you need them. Flexible sync options bring your desktop files in line with the cloud versions and vice versa. Choose which files and folders you want to see on each device.

Sync back and forth

Get on the same page

Keep your team updated as you work. Changes made to a file in a Team Folder will sync on the cloud, on your desktop, and even on users' mobile devices.

Selective file sync

Don't clutter up your storage space. Choose which folders you want to sync to each device, and de-sync any folder at any time.

Two-way sync

Have it both ways. Edit files on your desktop and save them in the cloud, or make your edits online and sync them to your desktop or mobile device.