WorkDrive Migration

How is the migration tool different?

As a Zoho One paid user, how can I migrate from Docs to WorkDrive?

As a Zoho Workplace user, how can I migrate from Docs to WorkDrive?

My company is a paid user of Zoho Docs, and we'd like to move to WorkDrive. We do not have an option to migrate from Docs to WorkDrive. Do we have to pay for both?

Why does the Premium plan of Docs offer a storage of 1TB per user at $6.4, but the Business plan of WorkDrive offer a storage of only 5TB per team for up to 10 users at $8 per user and an additional 500 GB per new user?

Can't I migrate files from Docs Desktop Sync to WorkDrive Desktop Sync?

What will happen to the existing Zoho Docs users?

What will happen to users and data in Docs after migration?

Doesn't WorkDrive have a personal edition?

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