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The ‘Views’ available in Zoho mail are Unread, All mails and Flagged. You can use the views to list only the messages that are unread or flagged, irrespective the folders. As the name suggests, it is just a view and also has the information as in which folder a particular message is stored. When you drag and drop messages from a view to a folder, the message will be stored in the new folder and the folder name in the view gets changed.


This view lists all the unread mail. You can view the unread images across various folders in a single listing. Further you can find out the total number of unread mails in your inbox from here.

 All Mails

This view lists all the mails in all the folders. To view mails in a particular sort order, irrespective of the parent folder, this view can be used.


This view lists all the flagged mails in all the folders. This helps you to view all the mails, for which you have set flags, in a single window. You can further clear the flags in this view.