Searching Email

 Basic Search

Zoho Mail provides you extensive options to search and locate emails based on different parameters. The Search box present in the top where you can input the Search term. By default, you will search in the current application (email). You can also select the different parameter to specifically search for emails based on them, from the dropdown. The parameters  available for searching emails are listed below: 

  • Subject
  • From
  • To/Cc
  • Email Content
  • Attachment Name
  • Attachment Content
  • Entire Message

Apart from that, the users can also choose to Search from the currently open folder, to restrict the search results from that folder alone.

Provide the search term in the search box. Select the parameters, if any and choose whether you want to search in the entire folder, or just that folder and click Search. The emails that match the search will be listed in a new tab. 

Advanced Search

The advanced search can be used to specify multiple parameters and search based on a combination of those parameters. The emails which match all the specified conditions will be listed as Search Results. 

Zoho Mail provides several criteria to identify the necessary emails. You can choose specific folders, the date range and the tags under which the email might be located. You can choose the folder to search emails for, specify a date range, choose the tags. Further you can select whether to look for emails with attachments/ without attachments, flagged or non flagged, conversation or single emails. 

In addition to all these specifications, you can provide the search terms based on one or more of the above parameters. Click the + icon, to specify multiple parameter based Search.



The advanced Search can help you to locate specific emails you look for based on multiple specific conditions. You can save the current Search using the 'Save this Search' option. This helps you to perform the same advanced search with the same criteria in a single click. Click here to know more about Saved Searches.