Table of Contents

 Basic Search

Search option is available in Zoho Mail to search for a particular mail or a bunch of mail based on certain criteria. The search box is present on top of the listing area. By default, search will include all folders, exclude archive and search in the entire mail content.

The following options are available to search:

  • Subject
  • Sender
  • Subject or Sender
  • To or CC
  • Attachment Name
  • Attachment Content
  • Message Content

Type the search text in the search box, Select the options and click Search. You can choose to search in the current folder by selecting 'Search in folder' or in All folders by selecting 'Search in all folders'. Further, you can include archive if you want to search and retrieve content from archived messages. But including Archived messages will prolong the search duration and there will be a delay to display the results.
The message results will open in a new tab. The search result listing will have the ‘Parent folder’ information apart from the regular headers. On moving the mouse over the 'Folder', the entire folder path will be shown in a tool tip.