Quick Actions

Quick Actions

In some cases, the emails that you receive might demand a follow-up action. These actions might have to be performed either from within the mailbox or by redirection to a third party application or a website. In cases where the follow up is obvious, this action can be performed from the email listing.

Zoho Mail now supports the usage of Quick Actions, and if the HTML content of the email us scripted accordingly, these actions can now be identified by Zoho Mail and rendered in the email listing.

Uses of Quick Actions

The quick actions feature in Zoho Mail lets you perform follow-up actions on emails with just a click. These actions are designed to enable easier interaction with other applications from your mailbox. 

This serves many purposes such as responding to event invitations, posting ratings and reviews, responding to confirmation emails, reviewing orders, tickets and so on. 


Some actions necessitate redirection to a third party application, whereas, some actions such as giving ratings for services can be performed from your mailbox. Several such actions are supported in your Zoho mailbox currently. 

Sample Quick Actions

In the section below, some of the most common quick actions and their functions are listed. 

Confirm Action - Confirm Subscription

Mostly, when you register with a new website or an application, you will be asked to confirm your email address. Using the Confirm Subscription action icon, you can confirm your registration even without moving away from your mailbox. 

To know more about embedding the schema for this Quick Action, click here.

Save Action - Save Offer

If you're sending a coupon or an offer along with your email, and the user might save the coupon for later use, the Save Action button can be embedded to the listing. This action can be used only once from the email listing.

To know more about embedding the schema for this Quick Action, click here.

Track Action - Tracking Online Purchase

Updates on purchases that we make on online shopping platforms are sent via emails. When you receive an email about the dispatch, you might want to take a look at your where your package is. In such cases, you can make use of the Track Package option, that's provided across relevant emails in the email listing. This option will redirect you to the respective third party site to view the details.

To know more about embedding the schema for this Quick Action, click here.

View Action - Conversation Details

Comments or activities from social media sites or even from your Zoho Connect account will trigger an email notification to your account. You can click the View Conversation quick action button across these emails, and Zoho Mail will directly take you to the conversation whose activity you would want to view.

To know more about embedding the schema for this Quick Action, click here.

Rating and Reviewing

Sometimes, you might receive emails from a restaurant you dined with, a resort you stayed at during a vacation, or a travel partner that you booked your trip with. They might request a review and rating for their services.

You can make use of the Review and Rate Us quick actions that are displayed in the email listing to quickly write a review and provide a rating. 

The Rate Us Quick Action asks for a numeric rating alone.

To know more about embedding the schema for the Rate Us Quick Action, click here.

The Review Quick Action requests a numeric rating and a short review from the user.​​

To know more about embedding the schema for the Review Quick Action, click here.

You can perform these actions within your mailbox, and it doesn't require redirection to any other platform. You can type in your review in the text box that appears, and click Submit.

RSVP - Responding to Event Invites

You can respond to event invites that you receive using the RSVP action icon. You can click this icon and directly respond to the invite depending upon your interest. The card that pops up on clicking this icon will display the date, time, venue and the person who has invited you. 

To know more about embedding the schema for this Quick Action, click here.

If the event has expired (the date of the event has lapsed), the icon will change to Event expired and you will no longer be able to respond to it.

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