Bookmarks in Zoho Mail help you to save the various Web URLs of websites and articles you come across. You can save them for future reference or to leisurely read them later. Further, the Zoho Mail Bookmarks app, allow you to share such links with the team for the benefit of other members in the group.

When you add Web URLs as Bookmarks by marking them as favorites in your browser, you will be able to access them only from that particular system and in that browser only. 

The Bookmarks application in Zoho Mail helps in managing all your web URLs in the cloud, to access them from anywhere, at anytime you need. 

 Add Bookmarks: 

Steps to add a Bookmark:

  1. Log in to
  2. Navigate to the Bookmarks application in your mailbox.
  3. Click New Bookmark to add a Bookmark. 
  4. Provide the web URL/ hyperlink to the website you want to bookmark. 
  5. Provide a short title and a description for the Bookmark, mainly for reference and identifying the link easily. 
  6. If it is for your own reference, save it under 'My Bookmarks'
  7. Select a Group, to share it with a group.
  8. Enter the collection, under which you want to place the Bookmark.
  9. Click Add to save the bookmark.


You can also add bookmarks by dragging and dropping the relevant URL from browser tabs into the Bookmarks App.

The New Bookmark box in the thumbnail view listing of existing Bookmarks can also be used to add a new bookmark.

Add Bookmark using Smart Create menu: 

  1. Login to
  2. In the email preview pane, select the URL that you want to add as a bookmark.
  3. The Smart Create menu pops up.
  4. Click the Create Bookmark icon.
  5. The selected text gets added as the Web URL.
  6. Provide a suitable title and add the other customizations as required.
  7. Click Add to save the bookmark. 

Managing Collections

Creating Collections

  1. Login to
  2. Navigate to the Bookmarks application in your mailbox.
  3. Right-click the My Bookmarks menu or any of the Groups listed.
  4. Click Create Collection from the listing, and enter a suitable name for the collection.
  5. The new collection is now added to the chosen menu. 

Adding a Bookmark to a Collection

  1. Follow the usual procedures to add a bookmark.
  2. Click the Collections field.
  3. The Collections under the My Bookmarks menu or the chosen Group get listed.
  4. Select the required Collection, and click  Add. 
  5. The new Bookmark will now get added to the chosen collection.

Editing Collections

  1. Login to
  2. Navigate to the Bookmarks application in your mailbox.
  3. Right-click the collection that you want to edit.
  4. Click Rename Collection from the listing, and enter a new name for the collection.
  5. The collection gets saved with the new name.

If you want to delete a collection that you've created, right-click the collection, and click Delete Collection. 


If you delete a collection, all the Bookmarks added to that collection will also get deleted.

Edit Bookmarks

You can hover over the Bookmarks from the list, and select the Edit icon to edit the Bookmark. Click the delete icon to remove a Bookmark from the saved list. You can copy the URL of any bookmark by clicking on the Copy bookmark URL option.

You can switch the Bookmarks view to list view using the List icon in the top.


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