Zoho mail allows you to create custom folders under Inbox for better classification of your mails. Custom folders can also be created, parallel to Inbox under Folder root. You can create any number of hierarchical folders under the custom folders.

 Create Folders

  1. Click ‘New’ link next to Folders.
  2. A Folder parallel to Inbox with a text area appears.
  3. Type the desired folder name and Press Enter.
  4. The New Folder will be created.

 Create Sub Folders

  1. Right Click on Inbox/ Any custom folder in which sub-folder should be created.
  2. Select Sub-Folder.
  3. A subfolder to Inbox with a text area appears.
  4. Type the desired sub-folder name and Press Enter.
  5. The subfolder will be created.


  • You can rename custom folders by choosing Rename from the right click menu.

 Delete Folders

When you delete a folder, the folder and its entire contents are moved to Trash. They will be deleted permanently when the Trash is emptied manually or by the system.

  1. Right click the folder to be deleted.
  2. Select ‘Delete’ option.
  3. An alert will appear.
  4. Click Ok to confirm deletion.
  5. If you have a rule to move incoming messages to the folder, the filters associated with the folder will be automatically deleted.
  6. If you do not want to delete the associated filters, cancel deletion, navigate to the filters page and modify the filter settings to point another folder before deleting the folder.

 Empty Folder

You can clear the messages in the folder using the Empty Folder option. Right Click on a folder and select Empty Folder. The following options will be available to clear the messages in the folder.

  1. 'Delete Entire Folder'
    All the messages in the folder will be deleted and the messages will be moved to Trash folder.
  2. 'Delete messages that arrived upto date '
    This option helps you to delete the messages based on date. When you choose a date here, the messages older than the particular date will be deleted and moved to Trash folder.
  3. 'Delete all messages except the recent n messages'
    This option helps you to delete messages based on count. When you specify a count here, the specified number of messages will be retained in the folder. The rest of the messages will be deleted and moved to Trash folder.