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You can customize the default preferences for the Composer using the Compose Settings. The preferences can be set for the default Font settings, Encoding, Reply behavior and so on.

Under Mail Settings, select Compose to set your preferences for Compose Settings.

Reply/Forward Behaviour

When you Reply/ Forward emails, the composer opens in a new tab. You can select 'Compose Inline for Replies and Forwards' for replies and forwards to open within the same conversation, instead of a new tab.

  1. Login to
  2. Click Settings icon >> Compose
  3. Under 'When Replying/Forwarding' there are two options.
    • Select 'Compose in New Tab' to open reply/forward window in a New Tab.
    • Select 'Compose Inline' to reply/foward the message as inline text

If you have chosen the Compose Inline option, Zoho Mail opens a composer within the same tab, below the original email.

Default Font Settings

You can set the font for your Outgoing messages from the Compose settings.

  1. Login to
  2. Click Settings icon >> Compose
  3. Locate Default Font Settings
  4. Select the preferred font from the drop down
  5. Select the preferred Font Size

A preview of the selected font style and size is displayed below the Font options. 

 Default Encoding

Encoding setting, is mainly to make sure that the email text is readable at the recipient end. By default, the UTF-8 encoding is chosen and the emails sent with non ASCII characters appear without any errors in the recipient end. Optionally based on the language you use to write emails, you may choose a different encoding, needed for your organization.

  1. Login to
  2. Click Settings icon >> Compose
  3. Locate the option ‘Default Encoding’
  4. Select the encoding of your choice from the drop down box.

Automatically add recipients to Contacts

When you compose an email, the recipients who are not already in your contacts will be added by default. You can also choose to not add these contacts to your Address book automatically.

  1. Login to
  2. Click Settings icon >> Compose
  3. Locate the option 'Automatically add recipients to Contacts'. 
    • Select 'Yes' to automatically add recipients to Contacts.
    • Select 'No' to stop adding recipients to Contacts.

Enable/ Disable Outbox

Outbox helps you to delay the email, for a pre-defined duration, even after you hit the 'Send' button. The delay duration can be set from 1 minute to 120 minutes, based on the users choice. All the emails you send can be edited from the Outbox, or even deleted without sending, in case you change your mind.

You can enable Outbox which is an alternate way to 'Undo Send' after you hit the Send button. Even if Outbox is enabled, you can use the option ‘Send Right Now’ (Ctrl+Shift+Enter) under ‘Send’ to avoid the Outbox and send directly.

Steps to enable/ disable Outbox:

  1. Login to
  2. Click Settings icon >> Compose
  3. Locate Outbox and select your choice
    • Select send emails immediately if you want to send your emails without any delay
    • Select delay emails in Outbox for ___ minutes. Here you can set the number of minutes by which you want the email to be delayed.

If Outbox is enabled, the email will be moved to Outbox, once you click ‘Send’. It will be sent after the delay time specified or when you click ‘Send Right Now’ in Outbox.

All the mails in Outbox can be sent by selecting the emails, and choosing 'Send Right Now' from the top menubar. The emails that have been delayed will be sent to the recipients after the chosen delay period even if you are not online. Apart from the normal emails, even the Scheduled emails will be stored in the Outbox.