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Schedule Emails to Send Later and Send Recurring 

You can use Zoho Mail's 'Schedule and Send' feature to set up schedules for your email and send it at a chosen time later. The schedule emails are very handy when you want to send certain emails like your time sheets, or weekly reports worked upon during weekends or midnights, but want your manager in a different time zone to view at an optimal time, say Monday 11 AM. 

It can also be the classic Birthday bug, where you remember the birthday the previous week but miss wishing them on the day. You can schedule the Birthday wish, with the date and time it should be sent.

Steps to Schedule Emails

You can follow the steps below to schedule and send an email. 

  1. Login to
  2. Click New Mail to open the editor.
  3. Draft the email as usual.
  4. Add attachments, if any.
  5. Click the Schedule/ Recurring icon to set up a schedule for the email.
  6. The options available are After 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, Tomorrow morning and Tomorrow afternoon and Custom date and time.
  7. You can directly pick a particular date, time, and timezone to set if you choose the Custom date and time option. 
  8. Click Save
  9. Once you click Send, the email will be moved to the Outbox and will be present there until the time you have scheduled. 

Schedule Recurring Emails

You can also schedule Recurring Emails, where you can set the particular email to repeat, based on the frequency and the end date or the number of times required. Recurring emails are useful, when you want to send out reminders to your clients about the bills, or to your co-workers about the weekly reports to be submitted.  

  1. You can follow the steps below to schedule and send an email. 
  2. Login to
  3. Click New Mail to open the editor.
  4. Draft the email as usual.
  5. Add attachments, if any.
  6. Click the Schedule/ Recurring icon to set up a recurring schedule for the email.
  7. The recurrence pattern can be, 
    1. Daily - Every _ Days / Every weekday
    2. Weekly - Every _ weeks, on the selected day. 
    3. Monthly - Every _ month on the selected day/ Specific day of the specific week
    4. Yearly - On the selected day of the chosen month/ nth day of the specific week
  8. Choose the preferred recurrence pattern from the given options. 
  9. Click Send.
  10. The Scheduled email will remain in the Outbox and will be sent as per the recurrence pattern and frequency set for the email. 

Scheduled Emails - Outbox

The scheduled and recurrence emails are available in the Outbox, until the Scheduled date and time. The users can edit the email from their Outbox and make any changes to the email. The users can also change the schedules of the emails from the Outbox. 

When you schedule an email and set a recurrence pattern, the schedule will be overridden by the recurrence.

Similarly, when you have set a recurrence for an email, and then click on the Clock icon and set a schedule, the recurrence pattern will be removed.

Stop Schedule

You can stop the schedule for an email from the Outbox folder. Click on the schedule icon next to the relevant email in the Outbox listing. Stop Schedule button will be displayed. Once you click on the button, the schedule will be stopped and the email will be saved as a draft. You can also decide to send the email immediately by selecting the Send right now option next to the Stop Schedule button.

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