Spam Control

Spam Control

Spam emails can be very annoying and at the same time finding an important mail in spam can also be equally annoying. Our anti-spam mechanism works extensively to identify and classify the spam mail. If you still find that some of the genuine emails land in spam, you can avoid it by adding the sender email to Whitelisted emails or the entire domain to the whitelist domains, if you trust the entire domain.

On the contrary, if you find that a particular domain or email address, always sends you spam emails but are delivered to your Inbox by mistake, you can add them to blacklist. So any email from the listed domain or email address will be sent to Spam.

You can classify a domain or an email address as whitelist or blacklist based on your preference.

Steps to Add Email Address or Domain to Whitelist or Blacklist

  1. Go To Settings  » Anti-Spam Lists
  2. Click on Domains tab if you wish to add a domain to whitelist or blacklist
  3. Enter the relevant details in any one of these fields
    • Add new whitelist domain - To add the domain address specified to Whitelisted Domains
    • Add new blacklist domain - To add the domain address specified to Blacklisted Domains
  4. Click on Email Address tab if you wish to add an email address to whitelist or blacklist
    • Add new whitelist email - To add the Email address specified to Whitelisted Email
    • Add new blacklist email  - To add the Email address specified to Blacklisted Email
  5. Click the Plus sign next to the corresponding field.
  6. The given domain/email will be added in the chosen list.


  • You can use Mark As Spam for any email to quickly add a sender's email address to the blacklist.
  • You can search the existing lists by clicking on the Search sign next to the relevant list.

Unsubscribed list

Go To Settings  » Anti-Spam Lists. Click on the Unsubscribed lists tab. The unsubscribe links of all the emails you have unsubscribed from along with the associated account will be displayed here. Emails from the listed entities will be automatically sent to your Spam folder. Click on the delete button next to any of the links in order to remove them from your unsubscribed list.

Language Filter

You can set spam filters based on the language of the email content. You can allow or block emails based on your language preference.

  1. Login to Zoho Mail
  2. Go To Settings  » Anti-Spam Lists
  3. Click on the Language Filter tab.
  4. You can select from one of the following options:
    • None - No language based spam filters are set
    • Allow Specific Languages - Only emails sent in the languages in this list will be allowed into your inbox.
    • Block Specific Languages - Emails sent in the languages in this list will not be allowed into your inbox.

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