Organizing your received Email

When you receive emails, to sort them in an organized manner, different actions may be needed depending on the different types of the emails you receive. You may want to move the email to a folder, apply a label or add a flag and so on. Zoho Mail provides you the multitude of options in the listing, to achieve an 'Inbox 0' the most ideal Inbox.

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Email Listing 

The emails, which are received in the Inbox folder by default, can be routed to other folders by creating sender based, subject based or even recipient based filters. The detailed instructions to create and manage filters are available in this page. The emails in the folder get listed in the email list page, in the order of the date header in the respective emails. The date header refers to the time and time at which the email was sent. The recent emails get listed on the top and the older emails in the bottom. 

Some of the default settings are listed below. You can customize the default options to your preference in the Appearance section in the Settings page. 

  • Number of emails in the page : 50
  • Summary is displayed by default. 
  • Time format is 12 hours by default.
  • The message is opened in preview pane by default and the preview pane is at the bottom. 
  • After login, the Inbox folder is displayed by default. You can choose Unread view from the Settings. 

Messages in Folders

The messages in the folder get listed in the tab on selecting the folder. To list only the unread messages in any particular folder, click ‘View All’ >> select ‘Unread’ from the options. Similarly you can list the messages with particular flags or labels from a particular folder, using ‘View all Flagged’ and ‘View all Label’ options in the command bar.

All Messages

Unread messages across all the folders can be accessed by selecting ‘Unread’ from Views. Similarly, messages with a particular label, across the folders can be listed by selecting the particular label from the left pane.

List Mails from Sender

To view just the list of mails sent by a particular sender in the current folder, right click on the email. Select the option 'Search mails from the sender'. The mails from that sender mail in the particular folder will be listed in a new tab.

Changing the Timezone

If the times in emails listed seem to be incorrect, then you may have to adjust your Timezone settings for the listing to reflect the correct times in the listing. You can change the timezone in your account to match the correct time zone.

Steps to change Timezone:

  1. Login to
  2. Click Settings >> General
  3. Under the General tab, select Timezone/ Date format
  4. Select the correct Timezone from the drop down box
  5. Click Save

Once you have saved the settings, you can see the correct time stamp in the email listing.