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View Email Headers

Email Headers provide unique and essential information about the email. It has the details of the actual sender of the email, the IP Address/ Server from which the email was sent, the other servers through which the email was transmitted. Apart from these details, it also has the information regardign the time at which the email was actually sent, the delays in between during transit in other servers, the exact delivery time of emails. 

Steps to get the headers of an email in Zoho Mail:

  1. Log in to mail.zoho.com
  2. Open the email, for which you want to get the headers. 
  3. Click the 'Show Original' icon in the right corner. 
  4. The header details will open in a new window. 
  5. Click 'Show full message' to view the entire source of the email. 
  6. You can copy the entire stuff and place them in a text file, to send it to others. 

Print Email

You can directly print an email from Zoho Mail using the print option in the message. Click the print icon in the right corner of the email to print it. The message will be launched in a new window in printable format. You can choose the prefered printer from the options available. 

Save Email 

You can save an email content in HTML format. Click the Save icon in the right corner to save the content. 

This saves only the content of the email in the HTML format. If you want the sender/ subject details, use the export option from the Settings. 

Distorted or Garbled Messages:

When someone sends you an email, the email source has the details about the encoding used by the sender. Zoho Mail uses this encoding information, to convert and display the emails in readable format. For example, UTF-8 is an universal encoding and is displayed across browsers and email clients without any garbling. 

However, if the email content has some characters, that are not supported by the default encoding set in the email, it may appear garbled when you view the message. This makes the message look corrupt or garbled. You can use the 'View Garbled Message' option, to try if you can set the encoding and view the email in a readable format. 

    1. Open the message in Preview or Tab or Popup
    2. Click the ‘Message Garbled’ icon (Icon with ‘?’) in the right corner.
    3.  The message will open in a new browser window. 
    4. Select ‘Encoding’ from the ‘View’ menu.
    5. From the list, select an encoding appropriate for the language in which you think that this message is written.
    6. The message would display properly on selecting the correct encoding.
    7. If you still have issues in the display of the email, contact support with email headers.


Different browsers have different menu name or items for encoding. Internet Explorer displays the item as 'Character Encoding', Safaru displays it as 'Text Encoding' etc. Select the appropriate item as per the browser you use. 


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