Folders in Zoho Mail

Folders in your Mailbox help you to organize your emails effectively. Zoho Mail provides you options to create multiple levels of folders, to manage emails from your various contacts, projects or business categories more effectively. In Zoho Mail, you have the system folders provided by default, which includes standard system folders and special folders. The right click menu in the folders provides contextual options based on the folder. For custom folders, you can expand/ collapse the folder trees using the small triangle to the left of the folder name.

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System Folders

The default folders in the Zoho mailbox are listed below:

  • Inbox – Incoming emails are delivered to this folder by default. Refer Filters to create custom conditions, to automatically move the emails to different custom folders.
  • Drafts – Draft emails are saved in this folder.
  • Sent – The emails you send are automatically saved in this folder.
  • Spam –  The incoming emails are automatically processed for Spam and the emails detected as Spam are moved to this folder. When the emails are deleted from Spam folder, they are not moved to Trash and are deleted permanently. 
  • Trash – Emails deleted from Inbox/ Sent or other custom folders are moved to Trash. After a period of 30 days, the Trash gets cleaned up and the emails in Trash are permanently deleted.

 Special Folders

Apart from the Standard folders provided above, Zoho Mail provides special folders, listed below:

  • Templates – The users can compose and save contents of email, they repeatedly used in their emails, as Templates. The Templates are saved and listed in the Templates folder for easy access. 
  • Outbox –  Zoho Mail provides options to schedule and send emails or delay emails for a brief period before it gets sent. Such emails scheduled for sending later are stored in Outbox folder.

Note: The system folders and special folders cannot be deleted or renamed.

 Folder Sorting

By default, the folders are sorted in alphabetical order. You can change the preference to sort the folders using drag and drop from the 'Appearance' Settings.