Folder Settings

Folder Settings

You can create multiple level folders and Subfolders in Zoho Mail, apart from the default folders. You can create Filters to automate the sorting of emails in these folders, with conditions based on Sender, Subject and so on. With this setup, you will be able to classify some folders as 'Important'. If you receive too much of emails, you might not want to receive desktop notifications or notifications for all the emails that you receive. You can enable/ disable notifications based on the folder type and the filters associated with it. 

Steps to open folder settings

  1. Login to Zoho Mail
  2. Click the Settings  icon.
  3. Go to Folders 
  4. All the folder names are listed here along with the folder path. The following details of the folders are mentioned:
    • Unread emails - It displays the number of unread emails in the particular folder along with the total number of emails in the folder.
    • Last Archived - It displays the number of emails in that folder that have been archived.
    • Size - Indicates the size of the folder.
    • View in IMAP client - You can decide to show/ hide the folder in IMAP clients by selecting/ deselecting the checkbox in this section, respectively.
    • Notification - You can enable and disable the notification for each folder, by selecting or deselecting the Checkbox, respectively. By default, the notification is turned on for all folders. 

Click on any folder name to open a pop up with details of the folder. This pop up includes Folder Name, Folder path, visibility, Archive policy and emails counts.

You can click on the email count card to open the email listing view of that particular category of emails. For ex: Click on Unread Emails card will open the Unread view of the folder.


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