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Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are a key-savvy user, you can now use key board shortcuts for the most repeated actions you perform in Zoho Mail. Moreover, you can even customize the key board shortcuts to match your requirements. For example you may configure the combination 'in' to go to the Inbox instead of 'gi' , 'se' to go to the sent items instead of gs, 'lab' to view the labeled items (first label in your list) etc instead of the standard Keyboard Shortcuts used earlier. Using Keyboard shortcuts makes your mailing tasks easier, reducing the number of clicks.

If you are just comfortable using mouse and do not need keyboard shortcuts, you have an option to disable Keyboard shortcuts .

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Go To Mail Settings » Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. Select Enable to Enable the Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. To change any of the default shortcut keys configured, click on the Text box
  5. Provide the preferred Key combination for the corresponding action
    • A maximum of 3 characters will be accepted
    • You cannot repeat the same key sets for different actions
  6. Click Save to Save the settings


  • You cannot repeat the same key sets for different actions
  1. The default shortcuts work irrespective of the Enabled or Disabled state of the Keyboard Shortcuts
  2. The table below shows the default actions and the default shortcuts which cannot be disabled.
Default Keyboard Shortcuts (Cannot be Disabled)
Key CombinationActions
Up arrow (?)Read Previous Message
Down arrow (?)Read Next Message
Left arrow (?)Expand Folder
Right arrow (?)Collapse Folder
EscClear menu

The Keyboard shortcuts in the following table can be disabled, however are predefined and cannot be customized. If you disable keyboard shortcuts, the shortcuts listed in the below tables will be disabled and will not work.

Predefined Keyboard Shortcuts
Key CombinationActions
Ctrl + enterSend message
Ctrl + Shift + enterSend message immediately
Ctrl + sSave draft
Ctrl + Shift + ySave Template

The Keyboard shortcuts available before customization are listed below. You can click and edit the key combination in the Keyboard Shortcuts page, for the actions to customize as per your preference.

Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts
Key CombinationActions
aReply All
.Open Mark as menu
sShow the original message content
tOpen message in new tab
oOpen message in new window
\Close preview
mFetch new messages (Refresh)
dMove to
!Report as spam
?Open shortcut menu
EscClear menu
yClear label
Shift + pPrint message
Shift + uMark as unread
Shift + iMark as read
DelDelete message
eEdit as new
Shift + aArchive
Go to
g then iGo to Inbox
g then uGo to Unread view
g then sGo to Sent messages
g then dGo to Draft
g then fGo to Flagged messages
g then aGo to All messages
g then lGo to labeled messages
xSelect message
Ctrl + aSelect all messages
Ctrl + dDeselect all messages
pRead previous message
nRead next message
gExpand folder
kCollapse folder
Ctrl + [Navigate through tabs-right to left
Ctrl + ]Navigate through tabs-left to right
Ctrl + \Close tab

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