Organization Spam Control in Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a secure email service with a spam control system that provides multiple options to customize the settings such that they suit your organization's needs. You can customize the actions to be taken on unverified emails, set up allowed or blocked lists, define the quarantine controls for outgoing and incoming emails, and so much more.

Spam Processing in Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail's advanced spam filters ensure that spam emails are filtered out, and do not end up in your mailbox. But to customize the spam settings to your organization's needs, you can use the Spam Control section from the Admin Console, and set up the policies that suit your requirements. The customizations made in the Admin Console are applied to all the users in the organization. To change the spam settings for a specific user, follow the instructions on the Anti-spam settings help page. 

Spam Verification

Emails undergo certain verification processes such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. If an email addressed to a mailbox in your organization, does not pass any of these verification mechanisms, Zoho Mail lets you customize how you'd like to process the email further from the Admin Console. To know how to set up customizations for unverified emails, and the kind of spam processing checks that you'd like to configure for your organization, refer to the spam control settings help page.

Spam Control Lists

Zoho Mail lets you set up spam control lists specific to your organization. You can configure allowed lists, trusted lists, and blocked lists. To each of these lists, you can add domains, email addresses, IP addresses, etc. To learn more about how to configure spam control lists for your organization, refer to the spam control lists help page.

Phishing and Malware

Certain types of spam emails addressed to your mailbox are sent with the aim to persuade that they are actually from legitimate senders. To prevent attacks from such spam emails Zoho Mail provides features such as cousin domains, where you can define the processing mechanism for look-alike domains, display name spoofing to ensure that certain display names can only be associated with a certain email address, and content-based spam check options. Refer to the phishing and malware help page to know more.

Quarantine Settings

In the quarantine section of the Admin Console, you can decide how to process emails that have been quarantined as a result of your spam settings. Both incoming and outgoing quarantined emails can be processed. Further, you can also set up notifications for quarantined emails, and assign certain users to process their quarantined emails. Refer to the spam quarantine help page for more details.

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