Spam Control Settings

Organization Spam Control Settings

Zoho Mail provides multiple customization options to help the administrators decide and configure the spam control for their organization.

Spam Control Settings

In your organization Control Panel, you can customize advanced settings with respect to your organization's spam policy. This includes options to alert the user based on the sender of the email, performing spam check on emails after email delivery, spam check based on the email content and the HTML tags present in the email.

To customize the Spam Control Settings for your organization, login to the Zoho Mail Control Panel, go to the Spam Control section and navigate to the Settings tab.

Sender-based Alerts:

Based on the source of the email, you can choose whether you want to alert the receiver of the email. You can set the option based on the authentication of the email, whether the sender is a contact or whether the sender is from your organization.

Unauthenticated - User will be alerted for emails that have not passed the SPF or DKIM verification.

External mails - User will be alerted for emails that are sent by members that are not part of their organization.

Non-contact mails - User will be alerted if the email sender is not a part of their address book.

Post-delivery Spam Checks:

After the email has been delivered to the respective mailbox, background spam checks will still be conducted on the email to validate it. During these background checks if the IP is present in the Blocked List or if a virus is detected in the email, it will be moved to spam. This can either be disabled, or enabled for all emails or for unread emails alone. If you don't want post-delivery spam checks to be conducted on emails that you have read, you can set the option to 'Unread Mails alone'.

Content-based Spam Settings:

You can set it up such that emails with specific kinds of content are marked as spam. Emails containing Macros, Web bugs, Javascript codes or bulk emails can be processed by spam filters based on the content.

HTML Tags:

The HTML tags based Spam Check is to check for emails that have specific tags in the email content. You can choose among the Frame, Object, Embed and Form tags. Emails with the tags that you have selected will be classified as spam.


The Spam Control Settings option will be available only for paid account users.

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