Create Users and Mail Accounts

Once you have verified the domain, you can set up user mail accounts by using 'Add users' or 'Import users' from the Control Panel. You can choose to add users one by one using their email address or use bulk upload to import CSV file to create up to 200 users at a time.

For even more large corporates or more advanced users can reach us to get 'Active Directory' Import wizard to create users based on the users available in their Active Directory environments. 

Enable Email Hosting for Domain

When you have verified a domain using CNAME/ TXT or HTML methods, the email hosting for the domain will be enabled automatically. However, you can enable or disable the email hosting for a domain by clicking the mail icon across the Domain in the domains page. 

Only if the Mail Hosting for a domain is in the enabled state, mail account will be created for the user when you add the user. If Mail Hosting is in the disabled state, then only the user will be created, without any domain based mail account. 

When you disable a domain's email hosting, all the aliases based on the domain will be deleted.  

Add User Details

  1. Log in to as Super Admin or Admin
  2. Launch Control Panel » User Details
  3. Click Add user from the top links
  4. Provide the user's First name Last name, username part in the text box, choose the domain from the dropdown. 
  5. Provide a password for the user to log in. The user needs to use this password during the first login. (Minimum 8 characters.)
  6. Once you select Ok, the account gets created for the user. 
  7. The user will be able to log in and view the account created in Zoho. 
  8. The user will be able to send emails but will not receive emails, until the MX records are changed.

When you create users, the users will be able to login to the account and will be able to send emails immediately. However, the MX entries of the domain should be pointed to Zoho Mail servers for the users to start receiving emails. The MX records of the domain can be cross verified in a third party tool which can be used to check the important DNS records of any domain.

Import users from a CSV file

You can set up users in Zoho Mail using import users from CSV file.

  1. Login to as Admin/ Super Admin
  2. Click Control Panel >> User Details >> Import from CSV
  3. Download the sample CSV file from the right pane. 
  4. Provide Firstname and Lastname in the respective columns.
  5. Provide the 'username' values in the Name Column. 
  6. Provide the 'Password' values in the Password Column. 
  7. The other columns are optional, and you may provide the values based on your requirement. 
  8. Once you have updated the values, save the file as CSV file. 
  9. Select Choose file, to select the file saved to your desktop.
  10. Select the primary domain, based on which you want to create the main accounts. 
  11. In case you have additional domains, and want to have domain based aliases, click More, to view and select the other domains in the organisation. 

Import Users from CRM

If you are a Zoho CRM Administrator or if your Organization has a CRM account and want to set up Email Hoasting for the entire domain, you can directly associate the users you already have in Zoho CRM in Zoho Mail Suite, using the option Import from CRM. Note that the Super Admin in CRM should have either the Admin Role or Super Admin role in Zoho Mail to utilize this option. The option Invite from CRM will work only when the Admin user in CRM logs into Zoho Mail and uses the Import from CRM option.

  1. Log in to as the Super Admin of CRM
  2. Go to Control Panel » User Details
  3. Click Import Users from CRM
  4. The user of your CRM Organization (with the same domain based email addresses) will directly be added in Zoho Mail Suite.
  5. The other users of your Organization can be added using the CSV file or Add user option

The CRM users who have the email address based on the same domain can only be imported directly to Zoho Mail organization. The users who have different domain based address can only be invited to the organization. 

In case the CRM user who needs to be imported, already has set up another organization, there will be an error. The user has to login to his/ her account and delete that setup. Only then the user can join this organization. The detailed instructions to delete organization are available in this help page. The users should not close their account, as it may lead to loss of data. 

Invite users to Zoho

If any of your Organization users already have registered for Zoho accounts and linked it with their domain based accounts, you can invite the users to Zoho.

  1. In the Add users section, enter the registered Email address of the user to invite the user
  2. The users will receive an invitation mail to their domain based email address.
  3. When the user accepts the invitation, the user will be asked to provide their Zoho credentials.
  4. Once the user gets authenticated, he will become a part of the Organization created by the administrator.
  5. This will avoid the loss of data if the user already has any other Zoho applications like CRM, Recruit etc linked to his account.
  6. The administrator will then be able to reset the account password if required. 

There may be certain conflicts if the user already has a business account in Zoho, in which case, you need to remove the existing Organization set up under the user, to make him a part of the current Organization. In no case, a single user account can be a part of multiple Organizations. 

Also, once a user is invited to the Organization and becomes a part of Organization, the email data in the account will be treated as Organization data. In case of deletion or dissociation of the user in future, the email data associated with the account will be completely deleted and cannot be recovered. If the user wants to continue using the account as his personal account without linking to the new organization setup, the user can remove the Organization reference by changing the primary email address of the account. 

User Provisioning from Active Directory

Zoho Mail provides you a tool to discover and automatically create corresponding users and email accounts in Zoho Mail.

  1. Install the Zoho Mail Active Directory User Provisioning Wizard in the system.
  2. When you execute the Wizard, you will be requested to provide the Super Admin credentials.
  3. You should provide the Server in which the Active Directory is installed.
  4. You should have the details of the LDAP query to be used to list the users of the organization.
  5. You need to map the attributes of the Active Directory with the fields provided for Zoho Mail users.
  6. Based on the LDAP query and the attribute selection, the results will be displayed.
  7. After validating the results with the user details of your organization, click Finish to provision the users in Zoho Mail.

You can request the LDAP tool for User Provisioning, by sending an email to with your organization details.

User Login

Once you have created the users, communicate to the users their login email address and their passwords. You can suggest them to log in and check whether their accounts are set up properly.

Login Instructions for the users

  1. From your web browser, go to
  2. Provide the username in the format
  3. Provide the password communicated to you and Log in
  4. You would be able to access your account and the emails.
  5. You will be able to send emails but to receive the domain needs to be configured for Email Delivery.