Zoho Mail User Guide


Delete Single Message

You can delete a single message in the listing pane or from the message pane (preview or popup or tab).

  1. To delete a particular message, click on the delete icon.
  2. The message will be deleted and moved to trash.

Delete Multiple Messages

  1. Select the messages you want to add delete.
  2. In the Listing pane menu bar, select ‘Delete’.

Trash Folder

The deleted messages are moved to Trash folder by default. You can recover the emails in the Trash, by moving the email to the folder of your choice. The messages in Trash folder, older than 30 days will be automatically cleared at regular intervals.

However in a special scenario, all emails in the Trash folder will be automatically cleared.

When your account exceeds the allowed size, your incoming gets blocked. Before the incoming gets blocked, all the emails in the Trash are cleared and the mailbox size is recalculated. If the account size is within the allotted size, the account will not get blocked.


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