Introducing the new and improved Zoho Calendar!

Calendars have been in existence since the Stone Age. What started out as an arrangement of stones has constantly evolved from lunar calendars to engravings on stones to scribblings on parchments and, eventually, to the modern calendars we see today. As societies have changed further and our days are busier, calendars have become a crucial part of our everyday lives. And so, with the digital age came calendars that are accessible from anywhere, at any time: online calendars.

Online calendars not only help you keep track of time, but also enable you to make the most of it. With your online calendar always a click or a tap away, scheduling has never been easier, but we here at Zoho Mail wanted to make it better. Over the past few months, we have been working to craft a faster, more seamless calendar experience.

We're happy to unveil the all-new Zoho Calendar with a completely overhauled interface and new features! It is a unified calendar that will make scheduling easy for you across all Zoho apps.

What makes the new Calendar better?

While calendars have evolved, our needs continue to evolve faster. Owing in part to the unprecedented changes in the last year, many of us are buried in online meetings all day, and keeping track of what's next has become a task in itself. The new Zoho Calendar helps you and your team stay on top of your schedule, from wherever you are.

Enjoy a revamped interface

We've brought the features you loved using in Zoho Calendar, like the Smart Add and App calendars, into a clean, more intuitive interface to help your teams manage your schedules more easily. Besides adding a completely fresh look, the new interface offers modern display themes and a dark mode for the night owl in you.

Customize calendar preferences

Pick what you want to see by choosing from multiple calendar views. You can also customize each view to make it most compatible with your needs. The new Calendar UI also supports 60 display languages that let you view your schedule in the language of your choice.

Collaborate across time zones

If you're someone that works with teams across the world, we know scheduling or adjusting meetings to work with everyone's time zone can be tiresome. You can now set a secondary time zone for your calendar grid display and also choose from a variety of time zones while creating events.

Find faster with advanced search

In a sea of scheduled events and meetings, finding the one you're looking for is not always easy. With the new Advanced Search, simply search with any detail you remember, like title, date range, location, or organizer to track down that elusive event.

Each of these powerful tools packed into a cool new interface will help your teams schedule and manage their time better, but that's not all—we have one more exciting new feature to share with you.

Introducing Resource Booking in Zoho Calendar!

Imagine it's a busy day at work and you're walking around the office looking for a conference room for your meeting. You finally find a room and settle in, only to realize the room is missing the projector you need. You gather all your things and begin the room-hunting process all over again. Sound familiar?

Finding a meeting room shouldn't take more time than the meeting itself. Resource Booking gives you an overview of all the conference rooms in your office along with the resources and facilities in each room. Simply pick the room of your choice and reserve it for a specified time based on availability. You can book a room, create an associated event, and send out invites to the meeting—all from one place in Zoho Calendar.

With Resource Booking in Zoho Calendar, conference room shortages and double-bookings will be a thing of the past.

We have many more changes in store for you, like deleted events restoration, multiple-tab support, and much more. We'll be back soon to give you a closer look at the new Calendar. You can also take a look at our help documentation to find out more.

Start exploring the revamped Calendar and let us know your thoughts in the comments! You can also follow us on Twitter for regular updates.


48 Replies to Introducing the new and improved Zoho Calendar!

  1. Hi in the zoho calendar app (embedded in the email app) there is no possibility to add a Conference link (zoho meeting). Is it possibile to integrate it? Also would it be possibile to have a separate Zoho Calendar App outside the zoho mail app. Like Google calendar app is not only embedded in the gmail app.

    1. Hi Loris, You will be able to add a Zoho Meeting link from the web conferencing dropdown while creating an event. Please take a look at our" target="_blank" rel="noopener nofollow ugc">help documentation for detailed information. And yes, Zoho Calendar is available as an independent application too. You can access it at

    1. Hi Christina, All Zoho Mail plans have Calendar in them. You will have the option to switch to Zoho Calendar on the left pane of your Zoho Mail web interface. If you're facing any issues with that, please write to us at support(at)zohomail(dot)com.

    1. Hi Brandon, We're working on integrating Zoho Calendar with other Zoho apps as closely as possible. We'll be sure to keep you informed.

  2. Hello How do i restore back to the old calendar format? the new format i feel is slow, takes few seconds to open

    1. We're sorry to hear that. I've checked with my team and we haven't received any request from your email address to I've conveyed your issue to our team though and they'll get in touch with you at the earliest to help improve your experience with the new Calendar.

  3. Will we be able to view CRM Tasks in the mail app - either in Tasks (i.e. CRM tasks syncing to ZoHo Tasks) or the new calendar syncing and pulling-in the sales/client related tasks we create in CRM?

    1. Hi Julie. We are working on a unified task setup that will allow you to access CRM tasks inside Zoho Mail. It will soon be available for all our users to try. We'll keep you posted. :)

  4. Hey there has the mobile version been updated too? I have tried to cancel a single event of a recurring meeting on my iPhone and the only option is delete all! not the only option. Like what I see though! well done. M

    1. Hi Mike. Glad you like the update. :) Are you facing the problem in a mobile app or a calendar synced using CalDav?

  5. Great to see the improvements especially room booking features. But alas the one thing our business really needed was a smarter integration with Zoho Web Conferencing. We are still unable to schedule a repeat calendar invite with ZohoWebConferencing or add it to a group calendar invite....totally strange that this feature is not available??? Yet is out of the box in Microsoft 365 and Google Suite... Please hurry up and make this connection === Note: You cannot add conferencing while creating an event in a Group Calendar. In repeat events, the add conferencing feature is temporarily unavailable. ===

    1. Hi Luke. Thank you. :) Yes, we are working on supporting repeat events with Meeting and hope to make it available as soon as possible. Regarding group events, I'll surely pass it on to our team and we will look into the possibilities.

    1. Daniel-I see that you moved from Google and have no regrets. I am a longtime Outlook user but have stopped using most other Microsoft apps because I am trying to work within Zoho One where possible. I have considered Mail but most Zoho consultants I speak with are using Google and that is what they have suggested I us Gmail due to some limitations with Mail. Anything you can tell me that would help me with the Gmail vs Mail decision? Thanks!

    1. Hi Karthikeyan. Zoho Calendar is a web application so the new interface can be accessed from

    2. if you use zoho for office automation, on top of Outlook for office automation is a more or less the same as driving a car with 2 dashboards on top of each other. And you know this won't work according to best practice. Zo if you prefer Zoho over Outlook, why dont't you move to Zoho alone...

  6. There are some nice improvements, especially the fact that there is now an option to see all the calendar events, instead of only some of them showing up and then having to click "+5" or whatever to see the rest of them. However we badly need the same improvement to be added to the top events with no time. Right now if you add 3 untimed events/tasks any beyond that are hidden in an itsy bitsy scroll window and you need to scroll to see them. Google and Outlook have allowed me to see all my untimed events for about a decade now and I need the same thing on Zoho calendar. I need to see all my events, not 2 or 3. Please fix ASAP.

    1. Hi David. I'll definitely pass on your feedback to our team and have them take a look at how we can give you a better experience. :)

  7. Looking much better than before - thank you. But I can't believe you still can not book a repeating meeting with Zoho Meeting Conferencing.

    1. Hi Austin. Thank you. :) Yes, we're working on the repeat meeting option with Zoho Meeting. It will soon be available for all our users.

  8. we have an issue where we cannot book a meeting in a different time zone when using zoho recruit. it would be helpful if the zoho calendar was better integrated at the product level, so we can schedule an interview in a different time zone for an organization member. say i work in india and i want to schedule an interview for a candidate in new york, and the interviewer is in california. we would like this to be more easily managed inside zoho calendar and recruit.

    1. Hi James. Our future updates will be largely focused on better integrations with other Zoho apps. I'll pass on your feedback to the development team and surely take a look at your suggestion. :)

    1. Hi Miles. We only have restrictions in choosing an elapsed date. Also, an invitee with edit permission will not be allowed to change the meeting date and time. If it's neither of these in your case, please do reach out to support(at)zohocalendar(dot)com and we'll have it sorted as soon as possible. :)

  9. I LOVE the new look and feel. Thank you SO MUCH for bringing us this much needed update to the calendar app!! You guys ROCK! Will this tie-in with an updated, standalone Android calendar app in the near future? Please keep up the great work...

    1. Hi Edward. Thank you so much for the great words. :D Yes, we are working on standalone mobile apps that we hope to make available soon.

  10. wow! support for different time zones! and dark mode for night! how did you come up with such brilliant game-changing features?

    1. Thank you, Joe. We are constantly working towards providing a better and more productive experience for our users. :)

    1. Hi Shyam. Yes, absolutely. You can always sign up from the" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Calendar website. While using Zoho Calendar with other Zoho apps like Zoho Mail will improve your experience, you don't need to be a user of Zoho Mail to use Zoho Calendar.

        1. Hi Beth. If you're using the Calendar inside Zoho One, you won't be able to see this option. You will need to go to and choose the "Switch back" option given there. Once you've done this, you can reload Zoho One to see the old UI. Hope this helps.

  11. Great work people. A nice feature that would be good it is the possibility to choice the alias that my event invite is sent (exactly as in the email), today I have to send my invites for different projects with always the same from email, what is not good, once I have different alias for each projects. Keep the good work.

    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation. It keeps us motivated. :) Yes, as of now events land in the user's default calendar. Moving forward we'll provide options to configure this including alias configuration. We'll keep you posted.

    1. Thank you so much, Andreas. We'll be rolling it out for EU users very soon. Thanks for showing enthusiasm to try our new Calendar. :)

    1. While the current release does not have it, we have close integration with Zoom and other popular online meeting softwares in our roadmap, Jim. We'll get it up and running in the upcoming updates.

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