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Groups or Distribution Lists are common email addresses, which are shared by a team of people. When an email is sent to the Group email account, the email gets delivered to all the members of the group based on the moderation settings and permissions.  

Public Groups | Organization Groups | Private Groups | Advanced Group Settings 

The various types of Groups in Zoho Mail are explained below. You can use the customization options, to set up a group based on your requirements. 

  • Public Groups - Any one can send an email to this group. Ideal for support, contact, info email aliases, which can receive email from anyone, within or outside the organization. 
  • Organization Groups - Only organization members can send emails to this group. Ideal for payroll, ithelpdesk aliases, which provide assistance to members of the same organization. 
  • Private Groups - Only the members of the same group can send emails to this group. Ideal for internal team, aliases for communication within the same team of members. 
  • Moderated Groups - All the emails to this group will be moderated. Unless the admin or moderator approves the email, the email will not be delivered to the group. 
    This is ideal for hrcommunication or orgwide email aliases, which are used to communicate to entire organization members. Adding moderation to the groups will give a control, where the moderator or admin can reject the emails which do not suit the entire audience. The moderation settings can be over-ridden by modifying individual member settings. 

You can use Advanced Group settings to manage some common settings for each group.

Group Calendars

Steps to subscribe to the Group Calendar: 

  1. Log in to mail.zoho.com
  2. Click Settings >> Calendar Settings >> Groups
  3. Select the Group, the calendar of which you want to subscribe to. 
  4. Click the Subscribe option next to the Group Calendar. 
  5. You will be able to view the calendar, under Group Calendars in your main view. 
  6. Any member can add events to the Group. 
  7. The other members, who have subscribed to the Group's calendar will be able to view the Group events. 

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