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  1. How can I turn off spelling correction? Even after I turn off autocorrect, the words are still underline in red to mark all incorrectly spelled words.

    1. Hey Soga, please check if any other third-party spell checker or your browser's default spell checker is on. If not, and your problem still persists, write to and they'll help troubleshoot this.

    1. Great timing, because we just enabled these changes for the other DCs as well. Some of the features are on the way but you'll now be able to experience the new look and feel.

  2. P.S. The one feature I sorely miss from my other paid email-service provider is its "Email Reminder" option. This option allows you to schedule auto-sent emails to any email address on a regular schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, annually). I'd rather set up such reminders WITHIN the Zoho Mail app rather than having to switch over to the Calendar or Tasks app. It takes too many clicks to switch between apps to get this simple email scheduling done. Thank you for considering this new feature. Also, I ditto Zack's request for being able to insert images inline, though Rambout's comment about file compression and whether the images could be viewed properly by the recipient is a concern.

  3. Thank you for replying to us individually, Pearlyn! I LOVE my Zoho email! My emailing life improved considerably after I gave up my previous (paid) email service! (Now I just have to let go of Yahoo for the rest.)

  4. I like the night mode toggle! I do a lot of work at night and it does help on the eyes using night mode. I like the changes so far!

    1. Hey Simon, our mobile team is already working on this, and you can expect it in a few weeks' time. Thank you for your interest. :)

    1. Hey Michael! Scrub emails can be used to archive or delete emails from one or more senders in one ago. You can read more here." target="_blank" title="">here.">">here.

  5. Unfortunately I hate the new interface. All the text on my screen – sidebars and message area – is suddenly much bigger, which means less information fits on the screen, and it takes longer to find my folders. Is there some way to reset the text smaller?

    1. Hi Fiona, I'd suggest that you try changing your font settings in Zoho Mail (Settings-> System-> Font size) to match your browser.

    1. Thank you Chris, wonderful to see your excitement! The SecurePass email feature should be out in the next few days. :)

    1. Hello JT! SecurePass and a couple more enhancements will be available in a few days' time. This post is a small summary of what you can try now, and what to look forward in the coming days. :)

  6. One of the functions I hope you will change is that when I'm looking at an email thread, I cannot see the Subject Line in each individual email. I find this frustrating when there's a really long thread. Sometimes people change the subject in the same thread. Sometimes different Subjects show up in the same thread and I don't understand this at all. I would love to just look at the email I'm working on (usually replying to) and see the subject in that individual email. Also, If the thread changes subjects (when people reply to an original email then bring something else up) I would like to change the Subject Line and be able to see it in the email, rather than seeing only the original Subject Line with 5-20 responses. A New Subject Line, even though connected in the same thread, would be helpful. Thanks

    1. Hey Michele! Zoho Mail does work that way- when you switch to a new email, the subject line displays the subject of the email you are currently on. If you are having an issue, please write an email to and they'll look into it right away.

  7. I love the new changes, it's subtle but I can tell the interface became sharper and looks good. If I can add my own suggestion, this is something that has always bugged me. When replying to an email, the reply area is small enough where the toolbar doesn't fit all the icons, so it creates a dropdown arrow ("More Options") to show additional toolbar icons. In this expanded toolbar are the image and link buttons specifically. This is very bad in my opinion because images and links are two of the most common things to add to a message! Instead I see things like "LTR" and superscript and line height in the main toolbar, but have to do a dropdown toolbar to find image and link. Those other buttons are rarely ever used, in fact I don't think I've used them at all in years of using Zoho! So then, I would much prefer the most common icons for attachment, image, link, and basic formatting to be always visible in the toolbar as much as possible. And hide less common buttons like code and LTR and superscript and indent and line height, etc, when there isn't enough room. My second suggestion is to simplify adding images to emails. Firstly if we could drag-n-drop images into the compose area and drop them inline, that would be nice. Instead Zoho defaults to attaching them. I rarely attach images, they are usually put inline because I'm showing people how to do things. Gmail will drag them inline by default which I prefer much more than attaching by default. Perhaps a global option about which one is preferred would be best. I prefer dragging/dropping inline but others might prefer the attachment. So because I can't use drag-n-drop, I have to use the toolbar button. This is also over complicated. Firstly because I always have to expand the "more options" arrow to even see the image icon, then in the popup I have to "Click to choose image" and then browse for the image and select it. Then back in the popup I have to switch to "Original" size instead of Best Fit, and then finally click "Insert". This is many clicks just to get an image inline! I think this could be much more efficient by either letting me drag the image directly inline to the message, or just simplify the add image popup. I don't need all these options. Mainly because once the image is placed into the message, we can already edit those options by clicking on the image and we can resize it, click 'Original' or 'Best Fit' etc. All that matters is getting the full size image inline as fast as possible and as few clicks as possible. That would be very helpful when I need to write "how to" emails and put a dozen images in them.

    1. I would like to add that maybe Zoho can have a "context view" across all apps that saves interfaces the way we leave them. Let's say, Zack can move things around to make his desired interface, he can set this interface as default for himself alone.

    2. Downside with adding images inline, is that most mail applications then compress and resize the images.. Hving them as an attachment, most time adds it in the original dimensions. Thought i can understand when they need to be attached to certain paragraphs in the email. Idd always describe them by filename, i add the text (FILENAME) in brackets where needed

    3. First of all, thank you very much Zack for taking the time to give us a detailed feedback, explaining your case clearly. We are already working in the exact same direction. A better default organization, and like Bosa says, a customizable interface that lets you choose how your mailbox looks to you, is in our roadmap! We'll take your comments as a validation that we are indeed moving in the right direction. The team is also working on providing flexibility in how drag and drop works. Keep the feedback coming! :)

  8. Great innovations, really looking forward to see them running. Hopefully you may consider pulling emails, similar as to the expiration date functionality I reckon.

    1. Thank you, Pancho. :) By pulling emails, do you mean recalling sent emails, or is this something else you're talking about?

    1. Glad you asked, Hector. :) We have an exclusive Tasks app coming very soon, that will help you see and manage your work items on mobile too.

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