Zoho Mail extensions for business, Part 4: Sales and marketing done right

Zoho Mail extensions for business

Chloe is back, and more ready than ever. As we saw in previous blog posts in this series, Chloe has put time and effort into laying a strong foundation for a successful business. She set up her email domain with Zoho Mail; her website was up and running—thanks to WordPress; and she managed her project management, virtual meetings, and note-taking with Asana, Zoom, and Evernote, respectively.

In the last episode, Chloe finished setting up her finances using Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books. These applications are neatly brought together in a single place with Zoho Mail integrations. This puts the applications at her fingertips, so there is less shuffling between multiple applications.

Now that her finances have been sorted out, she can properly allocate some funds for the sales and marketing sides of her business to really get it going. Marketing is an essential part of any business, and Chloe wanted to put her best foot forward in this area.

Zoho Mail extensions for sales and marketing

To capture, analyze, and implement marketing efforts for her business, Chloe uses HubSpot CRM. This acts as a platform where she can nurture leads, convert them into paying customers, garner valuable data for targeted campaigns, and much more to boost sales for her business.

Prospects who reach out to Chloe through email can be added as leads quickly right within the mailbox. This is done with the HubSpot extension for Zoho Mail. Now, small actions like adding a contact, scheduling events, and adding companies are all done contextually from emails. This added convenience of accessing CRM meant Chloe was always up to speed on her marketing activities and data.

To drive more sales for her marketing agency by nurturing customer relations, Chloe uses cold email marketing. She gathers all of the data from her CRM and collates it into a spreadsheet, which will serve as a data source for her cold email marketing using the Mail Merge integration of Zoho Mail. This integration lets her choose the template she wants and send bulk emails easily. These are highly personalized for each person, resulting in more engagement and conversions.

Speaking of engagement and conversions, Chloe wanted to connect with prospects through social media. This is an effective medium to showcase her business offerings and offer better customer care. Zoho Social lets her schedule posts, monitor the performance of each post, engage with her community, and much more. Using Zoho Social, no matter how busy Chloe's day is, she can always keep her social channels busy.

To elevate this amazing experience even further, she can use the Zoho Social extension for Zoho Mail. Because Chloe spends much of her time working from her mailbox, having control over her social media channels within the mailbox is a game-changer. This allows her to associate individuals with their X (formerly Twitter) account. She can also message them directly, view recent engagements, keep an eye on brand mentions, and do other things that help her stay on top of her social media game.

Sales and marketing are two of the most difficult parts of any business. With the help of adept tools and practical integrations, Chloe gets it right. They transform her business by bringing in more quality leads.

After getting customers for her business, it’s critical to offer world-class service to retain them. In the next episode, we’ll follow Chloe as she tackles customer support efficiently and easily.


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