2023: Year in review

2023 was the year of milestones for Zoho Marketplace. With over 600 partners, collaborating with us at every step of the way, we had a lot to offer over 800,000 Zoho users. So let's celebrate by looking into the major highlights of 2023. 

Zoho users have trusted Marketplace extensions over one million times to do more with Zoho and simplify their everyday work. This enabled us to strive harder for our users, leading to the achievement of our next major milestone.

You can now find over 2000 ready-to-use extensions for 29 Zoho products. These extensions are available across 40+ categories and cater to every business function. 

We were able to bag these big wins because of the small wins throughout the year:

  • The average installations of extensions was about 38,000 every month

  • We listed 478 new extensions on Marketplace last year (among which nearly 72% are free to use!) This reflects our growth over the years by almost 5x

  • We have over 600 partners in the Marketplace ecosystem, and they enabled us to do more for our users.

Beyond these numbers, we believe the success of Zoho Marketplace begins with the success of our customers. With the help of our partners, we spoke to our mutual customers who shared their experience with Marketplace and about the extensions they used.

Here is what they had to say:

That's not all! We took our time to retell the success stories of our Zoho CRM customers with Zoho Marketplace integrations. 

As we looked back, we also celebrated our top extensions that helped Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk users enhance the capabilities of the products they loved using. 

2023 was truly the year of milestones for Zoho Marketplace. This year, we will continue to work towards the growth of our ecosystem and, as always, help users do more with Zoho. 


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