Five rockstar CRM extensions that owned 2023

Upon entering 2024, it's time to roll out the red carpet and give a standing ovation to the rockstars that stole the show throughout 2023. Join us as we spotlight the Zoho CRM extensions that owned the stage. 

The Zoho-Mailchimp extension helps you sync all your records bidirectionally between Zoho CRM and Mailchimp. This extension provides a secure and fast data sync that saves you time by eliminating manual data entry.


This extension has been an absolute game-changer for our email marketing efforts. The integration has streamlined our processes and empowered us to engage with our leads and customers more effectively than ever before.

If you're looking to elevate your email marketing game, I highly recommend integrating Mailchimp with Zoho CRM. It's a winning combination that delivers exceptional results.

User review by Preethe Jane

Integrate the WhatsApp Business API with Zoho CRM for efficient communication like never before. Manage CRM chats, send personalized messages, and dive into templates—all orchestrated seamlessly in the WABA inbox. Share WhatsApp numbers among users, let automated workflows hit the right notes, and stay in tune with real-time notifications. Elevate your Zoho CRM experience with the integrated WhatsApp extension.


Their service has left a strong impression on me. Even during the trial period, they went above and beyond to assist and provide explanations on how Ulgebra WABA works. I wholeheartedly recommend them due to their eagerness to help and explain. The API integration is progressing smoothly, and we are utilizing their services for both incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages.

User review by Heike Schreiber

Collaborate seamlessly with the Google Drive extension for Zoho CRM. Sync, share, and manage files effortlessly and provide sales professionals with access to a secure, bidirectionally synced file repository in the world's most popular cloud storage system.


The extension worked perfectly. It allows documents from Google Drive to be added to ZOHO and makes ZOHO more functional.

User review by Janice Farnsworth

Mapsly is an comprehensive mapping solution designed to elevate Zoho CRM's capabilities. Offering visual enhancements, optimized route planning, and efficient tracking, Mapsly simplifies field sales tasks. Features include map visualizations with proximity filters and color-coded views, ensuring a streamlined approach to prospect management. Backstage, the platform showcases detailed reports, dynamic dashboards, and automated workflows, contributing to improved efficiency in tasks. For a straightforward, precision-driven CRM mapping experience, RouteIQ stands as a reliable solution for businesses aiming to enhance their field sales operations.


This is an incredibly powerful application that integrates perfectly with Zoho CRM. Mapsly has so much functionality and we keep finding ways to use it as a solution in our business. The support from Erik, and the team at Mapsly has been terrific. They are responsive and eager to explore new solutions. Great application and support!

User review by Jim Myers

This extension simplifies order synchronization from multiple Shopify stores to your CRM account. With an easy installation processthat takes less than 10 minutes, the Shopify extension ensures the seamless transfer of order details. This widget supports multiple stores simultaneously, allowing you to stay on top of all orders without worrying about API limits. Automatic synchronization eliminates the need for manual updates, and you can track order loading progress across a history of syncs.


This is the perfect extension to link multiple Shopify sites to Zoho CRM. The support team are incredibly helpful and quick to respond.

User review by Hannah Parry

In the vibrant universe of over 900 CRM extensions, these rockstars are stealing the show! So, crank up the volume, let the extensions take center stage, and get ready for business performance that's nothing short of legendary.

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