Customer support: Highlighting 2023's top 10 Zoho Desk extensions

In the ever-evolving landscape of customer support, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance their service offerings and exceed customer expectations. Zoho Marketplace offers a diverse array of extensions for Zoho Desk, designed to streamline customer interactions, optimize ticket resolution times, and ultimately foster customer satisfaction. In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of customer support and look at the top 10 Zoho Desk extensions that have transformed the way businesses handle customer inquiries and support tickets.

Top 10 Zoho Desk extensions 

Parent Child Ticketing

Track ticket progress seamlessly and maintain consistent responses by linking primary tickets with related sub-tickets. Effortlessly manage complex issues and maintain organized communication channels.

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Print Tickets

Create printer-friendly PDF versions of customer tickets. Customize and print essential ticket details for offline access or documentation purposes on the go.

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Integrate 3CX PBX with Zoho Desk to enjoy call pop-ups, missed call ticket creation, and detailed call journals directly within your Zoho Desk for efficient communication management.

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Google Calendar

Effortlessly sync Zoho Desk events with Google Calendar and manage schedules, edit events bidirectionally, and more for streamlined coordination and timely notifications.

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Customer Insights

Empower your support team with real-time customer insights with the Customer Insights extension for Zoho Desk. Access ticket history, response time, and ratings at a glance for an informed and tailored customer interaction.

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Ticket Insights

Optimize your ticket management with comprehensive ticket metrics—response counts, handling times, and task overviews—to streamline your support strategies and enhance agent efficiency.

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Google Translate

Expand your customer support globally with the Google Translate extension for Zoho Desk. Effortlessly translate ticket conversations and empower agents to provide multilingual assistance for better communication and service.

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Manage your tasks within Zoho Desk using the Checklist extension. Link to-do items with tickets, convert them into tasks, and stay organized with automated workflows. 

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Advanced Ticket Filters 

Refine your ticket search effortlessly in Zoho Desk. Use custom field values and default parameters to find specific tickets quickly and efficiently.

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Customer Ticket History

View recent tickets, statuses, creation dates, and assigned agents, and enable agents to provide more personalized and data-driven customer support.

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