An introduction to CPaas and why it's a must-have for sales

This is a guest post by VoiceSpin.

In today’s technologically advanced world, many tools are available “as a service.” Software, knowledge, AI, and more are now offered as outsourced services that a company can purchase in order to leverage the experience of others.

Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) is not necessarily a new addition to the list, but it’s a crucial one as the success of some companies hinges on their ability to effectively communicate with customers. Especially when it comes to outbound sales, time and efficiency are of the essence. With the right infrastructure in place, sales agents can focus on their core goal—communicating with potential customers—without wasting time searching for numbers, dialing, and more.

The importance of integrating your CPaaS solution with your tech stack

Many companies are hesitant to onboard new technology for fear that it will be difficult to use, and won't play nicely with other platforms already in place. The voice communications system that a business chooses must integrate easily with existing platforms. This is essential for both time efficiency and cost savings.

A cloud-based solution will not interfere with the tools that a company is already using, and will, in fact, complement them with the following:

  • Consolidated information: All customer contact information is stored in one place.
  • Centralized location: Agents only have to access one platform to see all the information they need on one screen, saving time that would otherwise be spent switching back and forth between platforms.
  • Seamless integration: Proven APIs mean seamless integration and an efficient deployment process.
Business optimization with the VoiceSpin-Zoho CRM integration

As any company that operates a call center can attest, it is essential to integrate the customer or lead data stored in CRM with your voice communication system.

Integrating that valuable data with a reliable communications system results in a streamlined and efficient business. The VoiceSpin-Zoho CRM integration provides multiple productivity features such as click-to-dial, pop-up screens, recordings, and call logs, so your sales team can more easily achieve its goals.

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