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You may set up a Vacation Reply, to let the sender of the email know that you have a limited or no access to your email for a certain time. In Zoho Mail you can choose to send the Vacation reply for a preset period to only the people in the contact list, or only to the people not in your contact list or to everyone who sends you an email during the defined period. Moreover you can also set up a customized Autoresponse interval which specifies the duration between the two automated replies to the same sender. When you are away from your email on a Vacation or a holiday, for a particular period of time, you can use Vacation Auto Responder to inform the sender how long you will be away and perhaps let them also know the back up arrangements or secondary contact information etc
You can set custom Vacation replies to each of your configured account in rich HTML. You can also customize the Auto response interval between two automated replies to the same sender.

Steps to configure Auto-Response

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Go To Mail Settings » Vacation Reply
  3. Click 'Add Vacation Reply'
  4. Choose the account for which you need to add Vacation Reply.
  5. If you wish to add the same Vacation Reply for all accounts, mark the corresponding check box
    • If you want to send the Vacation Reply only to the mails from addresses in your contact list, select 'Contacts'
    • On the contrary, if you want to send the Vacation Reply only to the mails from addresses not in your contact list, select 'Non Contacts'
    • If you want to send the Vacation Reply to all the mails, select 'Everyone'
  6. Select the 'From date' and 'To Date' for which you want to enable Vacation Reply
  7. Specify the 'Subject' for your Vacation Reply email. Ex: Out Of Office from 12 Mar 2011 to 25 Mar 2011
  8. Enter the contents of the email for the Vacation Reply
  9. Specify the Auto-response Interval in number of days
  10. Click Save

 Auto-Response Interval

Zoho Mail allows you to customize the Auto Response Interval. Auto response Interval is the duration between two subsequent Autoreplies to the same email address.
Suppose you receive 10 email from the same email address on a particular day, sending 10 auto replies per day to the same email address, would flood their mailbox with your Vacation Replies. Suppose you specify the Auto response Interval as 2 days, the particular email address will receive your auto reply only once in 2 days. The Vacation reply will not be sent to each and every mail from the same sender.