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You can set up Zoho Mail as the default mailto handler for your browser. Whenever you click on an hyperlinked email address, the Zoho Mail composer will be launched based on the browser settings.

Steps to set Zoho Mail as Default Composer in Firefox

If you want to set Zoho Mail as the default application for sending mail, it is now possible if you are using Firefox 3.0.x Version or above.

  1. Click the drop down next to Compose button
  2. Click "Set Zmail as Default". You will be prompted to add Zmail as an application for mailto links.
  3. A prompt appears in the top-bar with 'Add Application' button. Click 'Add Application'.
  4. From browsers Menu bar, Select Tools -> Options -> Applications. Locate 'mail to' in Content Type and Select 'Use ZMail' as action.


Once you make these changes, every time you click on an Email Address in Firefox to compose a new email, Zoho Mail composer will open automatically.


Steps to set Zoho Mail as Default Composer for Internet Explorer and Chrome

Follow the steps mentioned below in case of Internet Explorer and Chrome.

  1. Click Start -> Run -> type Regedit -> Click OK
  2. Right click on HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and select New -> Key and name it as mailto
  3. Now right click on mailto, select New -> Key and name it as shell
  4. Continue right clicking on shell and select New -> Key and name it as open
  5. Finally right click again on open and select New -> Key and name it as command
  6. Click on command and at the right pane you should see the name (Default) with the type as REG_SZ.
  7. Double click on Default and set the following data:
    For Internet Explorer:
    "<System Path where Internet Explorer is installed> " https://zmail.zoho.com/mail/compose.do?extsrc=mailto&mode=compose&tp=zb&ct=%1
    For Chrome:
    "<System Path where Chrome is installed>" --app=https://zmail.zoho.com/mail/compose.do?extsrc=mailto&mode=compose&tp=zb&ct=%1


Note: To get the System Path where the browsers are installed, you can also right click on the Shortcut icon for the browser, and copy the contents in the 'Target' section.

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