Zoho Mail Usage Policy

Zoho Mail Usage Policy

Zoho Mail is mainly intended for normal business and personal email usage. It aids users to send emails within the organization and to their business or personal contacts for official or personal purposes.

Zoho Mail cannot be used for for sending out bulk emails in the following categories:

  • Promotional emails
  • Mass emails  
  • Marketing emails  
  • Newsletters
  • Automated Emails  

The emails sent via Zoho Mail should comply to the Anti Spam policy.

Unusual Activity:

In case the system detects unusual activity in your account, to protect your account from being compromised/ misused, there are some automated actions on your account. These are in place to prevent abuse and to control any potential spam/ fraudulent phishing activities from being done using your account by Spammers or other Illegal Hackers. 

Based on the type of activity detected in the account, our system temporarily restricts email outgoing or email incoming or certain actions in your account. You will be able to access your account and also view emails from your account. 

Unusual email activity includes the following, but is not limited to the below items:

  • Sending a large number of un-deliverable emails (Bounce emails)
  • Sending a large number of emails within a short span of time
  • Sending to a large number of recipients per email
  • Sending an unusually huge size of Outgoing emails in a single day
  • Sending emails to an unusually large number of recipients on a single day

Zoho Campaigns is a specially designed service using which you can send Marketing emails or Newsletters to your clients or contacts. Further it also provides you various insights about the reach of your campaigns without the hassles of getting locked out of your account. 


Unusual Activity:

Depending on the type of activity, the users will be allowed to send/ receive emails after some time. In most cases, the user can unlock his account after an hour or two using the UnblockMe link. In case the user is an organization user, the admin will be able to unblock his account from the Control Panel. However in cases where the user activity is highly suspicious, even the administrator will not be able to unblock the account. Refer here for instructions.

Manage Storage:

In case the accounts used storage has exceeded the allowed storage, the account gets blocked preventing the user from sending/ receiving further emails. The POP account will also be restricted from retrieving/ sending further emails. The user has multiple options to manage storage and access the account again. Refer here for detailed information.


If none of the above steps worked out and if your account is still blocked from sending emails, you can reach out to support(at)zohomail (dot)com for further assistance. 

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