Zoho People Integration

Zoho Mail's integration with Zoho People allows you to access Zoho People profile information right from within your Zoho Mail interface.

Zoho People Integration

Zoho People is a Human resource management application that contains a database of personnel information of an organization. The user profiles will include basic personal information like the Date of Birth, phone number, and so on. It also contains details pertaining to work such as Date of Joining, Reporting to, Seating location, etc. This information can be edited by the user from their accounts. The basic contact information and availability status of each user is accessible to the other users in the organization from Zoho Mail.

Contact Card

Personnel information from Zoho people like Designation, Team Name, Extension, and Phone number is displayed to users inside the Zoho Mail interface via Contact Card.‚Äč

Hovering over the names of users in Streams posts or clicking on a contact's email address in an email will display the Contact Card in Zoho Mail. In addition to the above-mentioned information, the Contact card also displays the In/ Out Check-in status of the user.
Checking attendance status of a colleague from email contact in Zoho Mail


The user information is also displayed in the email composer when you add a recipient (Contact) in the To, CC, or BCC field.

Enter the contact name in the Composer option and click on the corresponding display picture (Avatar) to view the Check-in/Out status from Zoho People.
Checking for attendance status of a colleague from your inbox

Zoho People Check-In/ Out

While Remote working your online presence at work is predominantly determined by your Check-In/ Out status in Zoho People. You can change your Check-in or Check Out status from Zoho Mail. Click on your profile picture (Avatar) to view the Check-In/ Out option. Click the appropriate options to indicate your availability status.

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