Address Book


When you compose an email, the email addresses are auto-completed from the email addresses in your Zoho Contacts. In case you are an Organization user, the Organization contacts or the Global Address list also appears in the auto complete list for you to choose and include the email addresses in your email. If you are a CRM Mail Add on user, the CRM contacts also gets displayed for choosing from auto-complete list. 


If you have Categories added in the Contacts section, you can type in the category name and the category will be available for Autofill. Once chosen, the contact email addresses in the particular category will automatically be inserted in the To/ Cc/ Bcc address bar, in which you are typing in. You can automatically save the recipients of an email to contacts or turn off saving from Compose settings. 


Address Book:

You can also click on the Address book icon in the To/ Cc/ Bcc boxes to view the Address book dialog. You can choose the the email addresses, which are alphabetically sorted in the Address Book. The address book has a separate section called Categories, from which you can insert email address based on Categories. 


Organization Contacts: 

The administrator of the organization has access to the Organization Contacts. When each user/ group is added to the organization, their email addresses and all the aliases get added automatically to the organization contacts. The administrator can add/ make changes or remove details from the organization contacts by logging in to 

Other users of the organization can view the Organization contacts.