The Zoho Contacts application integrated with your Zoho Mail helps you to access all your contacts in one place. It makes it simpler for you to manage Personal and Organization contacts inside your email interface.

The 'Contacts' application is available in the left Apps pane in your Zoho Mail account. You can add, save and easily access your contacts from Zoho Contacts. The entries in contacts application automatically appear in your Address book for sending emails, and also available in various other places like Search, Streams etc.

Add Contacts Directly

You can add a new contact using the 'New Contact' option in the left pane. You can also use the drop-down menu, to create contact irrespective of the application you are currently in. 

Steps to add a Contact directly:

  1. Log in to your Zoho Mail account.
  2. Navigate to the Contacts application from the Apps pane.
  3. Click New Contact to add a new contact manually.
  4. Provide the First name, Last name of the contact in the relevant fields. 
  5. Provide the contact's email address and the Phone number.
  6. Click 'Add more information' to provide more details about the contact like Web URL, Instant messaging profiles of the contact, Date of Birth and work/home addresses.
  7. Click Save to add the contact to your list.

You can repeat the steps to manually add contacts one-by-one to the address book. 

Add Contacts from Email using Contact Card:

You can turn on 'Automatically add recipients to Contacts' to make sure that all the email addresses to whom you send emails get added to the contacts automatically without you having to manually do so. 

You can also make use of the 'Add to Contacts' option in the Contact card, to add them to your contacts. This is helpful in cases where you receive emails from someone who is not yet in your contacts or to even add other recipients in an email you have received.  Click on the sender email address or the email address in To/ Cc of the email to view the 'Contact Card'. 

Select 'Add to Contacts' from the options, to add them directly to your contacts. 

You can also start a Chat, Audio/Video call with a contact directly from the Contact card using the respective icons displayed below the email address of the contact.

Import Contacts

You can use 'Import' option to bulk add the contacts to your Zoho Mail's contacts. The import option is available to upload a file from your local system or to import from some popular email services. 

Import Contacts from local System:

  1. Log in to your Zoho Mail account.
  2. Navigate to the Contacts application from the Apps pane.
  3. You can import contacts from files in CSV or LDIF or VCF formats.
  4. Select 'Personal' to add the contacts as your Private contacts. 
    (You can select a group, to import them directly to the group.)
  5. Select 'Import' under More Actions.
  6. Click on 'Choose File' under 'Local Drive' to browse your system.
  7. Select the relevant CSV/ LDIF/ VCF file which you want to import.
  8. Map the different fields in the imported file, to the respective fields in the Zoho Contacts and click Next
  9. Select a category, in case you want to import the new contacts to a particular category and click Next.
  10. Select 'Done' to complete the process. 

A summary of the Import process will be displayed on completion.

Import contacts from other email services:

  1. Log in to your Zoho Mail account.
  2. Navigate to the Contacts application from the Apps pane.
  3. You can import contacts from Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook email accounts.
  4. Select 'Personal' to add the contacts as your Private contacts.
    (You can select a group, to import them directly to the group.)
  5. Select 'Import' under More Actions.
  6. Select the email provider in which you have your existing contacts saved.
  7. Once you choose, you need to login to that account to allow import.
  8. On authentication, the contacts in the chosen account will be imported to your Contacts
  9. Click Done to complete the process.

A summary of the Import process will be displayed on completion.

Personal Contacts

By default, all the contacts you added are 'Personal Contacts'. You can view or modify or export them from your account. All your personal contacts will automatically appear in your address book. You can add categories to Personal contacts, to group them and use them to add multiple contacts during Compose. 

Organization Contacts

When the organization administrator adds a user or a group, the email address gets added to the Organization contacts automatically. All the organization contacts, appear automatically in the autofill of the organization members when they compose emails. When a new user is added to the organization, the user can easily look up or compose emails to colleagues using the Organization contacts. 

The Organization contacts are common for all the users of the organization. All members can view the contacts and use them. However, only the organization administrators can add or edit or delete the contacts from the organization contacts.

Apart from the internal organization users, if you want to add any common external contact, for users to access easily, the organization administrators can add them. This will be useful for third party contacts like Insurance providers, Partners common to the organization or other service providers for the organization. 

The organization contacts you have added will be used in multiple places like Search, Streams, Tasks, Email Sharing, Folder Sharing etc. 

Group contacts

Zoho Mail supports groups, to enable better collaboration among different teams that a user is a part of. Group Contacts are helpful when you want to have a set of common contacts for the entire group, but not to the entire organization. The group contacts are accessible only to the members of the group. 

Only the moderators of the group can add or modify or remove contacts from the Group contacts.

Contact Categories

You can group a fixed set of contacts by adding them into a category. The Categories help you to add a 'batch' of bulk contacts to your email when you compose an email. Personal and Organization Categories are listed in the 'Address book' for easy access while composing an email.

You can use 'Add Category' to create a new category. In the Contacts list, use 'Add to Category' option to classify them into the particular category. 

You can right-click on the Category to Rename or Delete them. You can use the Export option in the right click to export only the contacts in that category. 


Categories can be added to Organization or Group only by the Admin or Super Admin of that organization or group.

Using contacts in Autofill/ Address Book

Autofill Contacts 

When you compose an email, if you start typing the recipient name/ email address in To/ Cc/ Bcc fields, all the matching contacts will be listed in the Autofill drop down. You can choose the corresponding contacts from the list. The email addresses of your contacts from Personal/ Group and Organization contacts will be listed in this Autofill drop down.

Similarly, if you start typing any particular category name, you can select from among the matching categories that are listed in the Autofill drop down. All the contacts associated with that category will be automatically added as recipients.

Address Book

Further, to view and select the contacts from the Address book, click the To/ Cc/ Bcc links in the respective fields. The 'Address Book' pops up with your contact details. You can directly select from the listed contacts, or use the 'Search contact' option to search and select the corresponding recipients from the address book. Click the relevant contacts, to add them as the recipients. 

Using the drop-down on the left top corner of the 'Address book', you can choose to view "All Contacts" or the contacts associated with any of the Personal or Organization Contacts category. You can select the desired contacts from the chosen list or use the 'Select All' checkbox to add all the contacts in that category as recipients.

The selected contacts will be displayed below the address book. You can remove them from here if needed. Finally, select the Insert option to insert the selected contacts in the corresponding field.  

@mention Contacts

When you compose an email, directly @mention the users in the content of the email, to automatically add them to the recipient list. You can either compose a new email or you can @mention the users in the replies or forwards to automatically add them to the list of recipients. 

Contact Actions:

When you select a contact or multiple contacts from the listing, you can view the Actions associated with contacts. The following actions can be performed on the contacts : 

Delete - Deletes the contacts from your account. 

Add to - You can select a category to associate the selected contact. 

Merge contacts - When you have multiple entries for the same contact, you can use Merge Contacts.  

Send Mail - Opens the composer with the selected contacts in To field as recipients. 

When you select a single contact, you can EditDelete or Print the particular contact.

You can quickly send an email or chat with a contact, using the options available right there. The Chat availability status is also indicated using the Red (Busy), Green (Available), Yellow (Idle) or Grey (Not logged in) dots. 

If a particular contact has a Zoho account, but is not a 'Chat Friend', 'Invite to Chat' link is displayed. In case your contact does not even have a Zoho account, you can invite them to join you in Zoho, using the 'Invite to Zoho' option. 


Sort Contacts

You can sort the contacts by First names or Last names. This helps you to view the contacts in your preferred order. 

Export Contacts

You can choose to export contacts from any type, using the Export option under More Actions.

  1. Log in to your Zoho Mail account.
  2. Navigate to the Contacts application from the Apps pane.
  3. Select the Export option under More Actions.
  4. Select whether you want to export Personal contacts or Organization contacts or contacts from a specific group. 
  5. In case you want to export a specific category, select it. 
  6. You can export the contacts to CSV/ VCF/ LDIF/ HTML or Outlook CSV formats.
  7. Based on your requirement, choose the format you prefer. 
  8. After choosing all the preferred options, select Export Contacts. 

The file in the chosen format will be downloaded after the export process. 


You can also export specific categories using the 'Export' option in the right-click menu.

Clean Duplicates

When you add or import contacts, having duplicate contacts becomes inevitable. Clean duplicates option help you to detect and clean the duplicate contacts in your account. 

Select 'Clean Duplicates', to view the list of contacts that seem to be duplicated.

You can choose to MergeDelete or skip action for each duplicate contact.


Only the Organization Administrator or Super Administrator can manage/ edit/ delete the contacts in the Organization contacts.  

Reset Contacts

You can select 'Reset' Contacts, to delete all the contacts in the particular section and start afresh. Once you use the Reset Contacts option, you will not be able to recover the lost contacts. 


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