Build custom extensions for Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail's Developer Space offers endless possibilities to extend the functionality of your inbox. Use Mail's robust developer toolkit to create integrations with the applications of your choice or build new extensions of your own. Widen your reach by publishing your extensions in our Marketplace for other Zoho Mail users.

With Developer Space, creating custom

Mail extensions for your inbox is an easier process than ever

Set up

Install the toolkit you need to begin developing your extension.


Create the extension with the tools at your disposal and test the functionality.


Submit the extension for approval and publish it for the desired users.

Why build with us

Features hand-picked by you, for you

Ever wished for a specific feature for your inbox? Now, with Mail's Developer Space capabilities, your wait is over. Create an extension of your own that includes any features you've been missing.

Favorite apps just a click away

No more constant switching between tabs. Instead of juggling your mailbox and other applications, simply integrate the applications you need into Zoho Mail with Developer Space.

Seamless workflow

Get more done with the power of contextual integrations. Automatically pull the right data from the right sources, or trigger specific actions in third-party applications to cut down on tedious copying and pasting.

How does this fit into your plan?

Zoho Mail Developer Space comes with endless opportunities to customize your inbox your way. Find out what it brings to the table for you.

Build with us to customize your emailing experience