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New theme for a new experience

Zoho Mail has adorned itself with a new theme to make it more stylish. The new theme has accompanied itself with features and enhancements that make Zoho Mail more accessible.

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MailNew Feature

Folder specific snoozing of emails

When you Snooze emails in a conversation, you can now choose whether to snooze all of the emails in the conversation or just those in that specific folder based on the conversation settings you choose.

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ShowNew Feature

Translate presentations for better understanding

Zoho Show allows translating a published presentation into 18 different languages. This makes your presentations cater to the audience from different geo-locations

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All in one tab

In Zoho Meeting, you can now access chats and meeting notes along with the participants list in a single tab.



Get alerted!

Don't be concerned about accidentally replying to everyone on the BCC list in an email. When you click Reply all for a BCC email, a message prompt will now appear to alert you before replying to everyone.


Annotate for better understanding

In Workdrive, you can now Add comments and annotate PDFs and Images for better understanding and communication.

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On Leave!

Use Cliq's On leave status to notify your colleagues that you are unavailable due to vacation or other reasons.


One Cell Multiple formats

Zoho Sheet now allows multiple formatting within a single cell to make the content more defined to the purpose.

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Set due time for tasks and checklists

When creating or editing a Task in Connect, you can now pick a time while setting the due date to let your team know when the task or checklist item is due.

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Document merging is now a breeze

In Writer, document merging has been improved to make the process more automated and customizable.

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WorkDriveMobile App

Anytime! Anywhere!

When you save files and folders using the WorkDrive mobile app for Android and iOS, you can access them from anywhere (even if you don't have internet access).

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Choose the suitable message display view

Cliq offers a range of message display options (classic, monochrome, bubbles) to choose from, based on your preferences.

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Clear clutter and get rid of spams in Streams

Keep your Streams thread tidy by moving the outdated and unwanted posts and emails to trash. You can also mark emails as Spam in email-enabled groups.

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WriterNew Feature

Add dynamic charts in merge

Popular chart types like column charts, bar charts, pie charts, doughnut charts, and line charts can be dynamically created and embedded in your documents while merging them.

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Enhanced drawing editor and improved document fidelity

When you customize the shapes and designs in your documents, use our enhanced drawing editor to organize them easily. We've also addressed your concern about document fidelity. You can now use Zoho Writer to edit Microsoft Word documents without worrying about the formatting.

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Preview support for raw image file formats

Zoho WorkDrive now supports generating previews and thumbnails for raw image file formats.

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Have contextual conversations with @mention in Cliq

Avoid miscommunication in Cliq channels by @mentioning the person to whom the messages are attributed or addressed.



All new Cliq meeting extends support for iOS!

Cliq meeting enables you to create and start a meeting instantly by adding users from both your and external organizations. Now, the Cliq Meeting support has been extended to all iOS devices.

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Make the most out of Fillable templates

Writer introduces more field types, collecting form responses, customizable form actions, and more.

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ConnectNew Feature

View Calendar events from within Connect!

Now you can view your Mail calendar events while scrolling on Connect posts.

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Admin ConsoleNew Feature

Auto-response for group email address

We agree, replying individually to every mail sent to a group address is tedious. And that's when auto-responses save your day. Configure auto-response and reply with personalization for each type of the sender.

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Mobile App

Search support in WorkDrive's TrueSync

Download and install the latest TrueSync app, and you can find any files and folders in no time.

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Writer's new automation templates!

Say hello to a whole new level of automation experience that serves all your merge, sign and fillable requirements.

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CliqNew Feature

Live Whiteboard in Cliq!

Impart your ideas better during group calls with the real-time white board. Use the markup tools to draw a plan or flow structure as if you were in a conference room. The whiteboard can also be edited by the participants.

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CliqNew Feature

Taking notes has never been simpler!

Quickly jot down all the important ideas using Notebook inside Cliq. You can edit, collaborate, set reminders and perform many more actions on it easily. Your Meeting notes are also displayed here for easy accessibility.

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CliqNew Feature

Communicate more effectively with Video messages!

You can now record a video message or you can send a screenshare recording on the go.


Publish your sheets, with wider range of customisations now!

You can now publish interactive sheets with your audience using the Zoho Sheet's revamped publishing controls and customisations.

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Your emails organized better!

Zoho Mail groups all your emails with respect to dates. You can scroll referring the labelled day or month or year to find what you are looking for. Be it an email from last week or year, find them in a jiffy.

MeetingNew Feature

Co-host meetings now

You can now add your organization members as co-hosts in the meetings you schedule. The co-hosts can start and manage the meetings even in your absence. Also, meeting recordings can be shared publicly.

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Admin ConsoleEnhancement

Catch-all and notify for group addresses!

When you configure the Catch-all and Notification address, previously you can only select a user email address. You can now set up a group email address too. And each time an email is sent to a mismatched group name, the notification mails are sent to the group address.

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Admin ConsoleEnhancement

View storage info in user listing!

Besides the organizational user's personal information, now admin can also see the storage information like each user's storage plan, used-up storage and additional storage, from the Users tab.

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CliqNew Feature

Introducing Threads in Cliq!

Now you can converse multiple topics in the same channel without losing context. Threads help streamline your channel messages by grouping them into similar topics and you can follow the thread of messages that you are interested in.

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Cliq's new DND mode

As the name suggests, the "Do Not Disturb" status allows you to focus on your tasks by blocking the message notifications. You can also automate DND for regular quiet hours or whole days in Settings.


Sync your folders with IMAP

You can view the folders you create in Zoho Mail from your configured IMAP Clients like Google or Outlook. While creating the folder, check the box "View in IMAP Client" and it's done.

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Automated session recording in Meeting

Did your teammate miss an important meeting? We have got you covered. You can record online meetings and share them with members who couldn't make it. They can listen to the recording and stay in the loop.

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Chats during meetings? Keep 'em coming!

You can now share files, reply to messages with emojis in the chat box during the meeting. Not only that, you can also choose to view and download chat transcripts from your past meetings.

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Better data quality with Zia's suggestions

We're sure you love using the data cleaning feature of Zoho Sheet. We have now included this as a part of Zia, providing you with data clean-up suggestions to make your sheet clean, error-free, and consistent!

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WorkDriveNew Feature

Share externally using email addresses

WorkDrive now allows you to share files with external users or users of other teams or organizations, by just using their email addresses.


Anonymize personal information

You can now anonymize all personally identifiable information such as names, email addresses, IP addresses, and other registration-related information saved by you within your Zoho Meeting account.


Better security, enhanced viewing experience

Zoho Meeting introduces alpha-numeric passwords for tighter security. In other news, you can also now zoom in and out of the shared screen to see details more clearly.


Better document editing tools

A lot of time goes into writing and perfecting documents. This is why we keep updating our tools to give you all the best editing experience. The most recent update comes with improved mixed language rendition, default bulletin style, movable navigation panel, and more.

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MeetingNew Feature

Action log viewer

View and export logs of meeting activities within your organization for auditing and to comply with administrative requirements.

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Admin ConsoleEnhancement

Deliver or deny quarantined emails

Zoho Mail provides you with options to deliver or deny selected or all emails from the Quarantined emails tab.

Admin ConsoleEnhancement

Choose a preferred email id format for your organisation

You can predefine the format in which you would like the email addresses to be created for your organization members.


Instant scrub and snooze

Keyboard shortcuts b and w can be used to instantly scrub an email or snooze it respectively.

Admin ConsoleImprovement

Start a chat from user listing

Admin Console's user listing now has a Cliq icon next to each name, so that you can start a chat or make a call from right there.

ConnectNew Feature

Events across time zones

You can now select a time zone different from your default one when creating an event in Connect.

CliqMobile App

Join screen share sessions on your mobile

You can now attend one-on-one screen share sessions from Cliq mobile!


ShowNew Feature

Lively presentations with audio and video

Turn otherwise mundane presentations into interesting ones with a mix of audio and video to add value and variety!

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More line spacing options

Your paragraph need not always have words with uniform text size. This is why we introduced three new line spacing options in Writer— Multiple, At Least, and Exactly. 

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WriterNew Feature

New date fields and the endless possibilities

Now generating due dates, past dates, and inserting dates dynamically during merge all becomes superbly simple.

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An out-of-the box inbox

From scheduling meetings contextually, accessing CRM data, to managing support tickets, you can do more than just emailing with your inbox!

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Enhanced Quarantine section

The Quarantine section in Zoho Mail's Admin Console now includes a list of all delivered and denied emails, along with the exports that have been scheduled.

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System level spam email rejection

Administrators can enable system level spam email rejection that keeps away all emails classified as spam according to system level spam checks.

Professional looking icons for crisp presentations

Zoho Show integrates with Feather Icons that opens up more than 250 open source vector icons for use in your presentations.

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Send feedback to the team right in the middle of a chat

Do you have a question to ask, a bug to report, or an issue you need help with? Type /feedback in Cliq, and our support team will get back to you!

WorkDriveNew Feature

Search within a folder

When you know you are looking for a file that is inside a particular folder, simply search only within the folder.


Quick access to close options

Right click the profile image in a chat to get options like Close current chat, Close other chats, and Close all chats.

CliqInApp Updates

Initiate group calls from your Apple phone

The Cliq iOS app now supports initiating group calls.

WriterNew Feature

Document history with old comments

Writer's document history now displays old comments too.


Auto-upgrade support in TrueSync for Windows

Download and install TrueSync for Windows, and it will automatically upgrade to the latest version every time there is a change.

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The All new Zoho Calendar is here!

Wondering what's new in Zoho Calendar? Well, what isn't?! It has a whole new look, comes with more customization options, has advanced search capabilities, and resource booking built into it. 

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WriterNew Feature

Features to power-up your document merges

Our document creation tool, Writer brings you powerful tools to make your document merges faster, more effective, and highly customized.

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New Zoho Sheet browser extension

You can now access your recent spreadsheets or add new files from your device to Zoho Sheet instantly with the browser extension. It also comes with a very handy web clipper that helps you clip data from websites and convert it into a new spreadsheet. 

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WorkDrive now available for all users

We are now opening WorkDrive for all Workplace users, including ones who had joined the platform before WorkDrive was introduced. Make the switch from Docs to WorkDrive to enjoy more storage and enhanced collaborative features.

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Storage limit for My Folders

Admins can now restrict the storage consumption in "My Folders" both at the team level, and at individual user level.

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Disable external sharing from My Folders

If you do not want your team to share files saved in their "My Folders" outside the organization, an admin can disable the same. All previously generated links will no longer work.

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Set reminders for notes

Made an important note and want to be reminded about it at a specific time? We've made it easier for you to add reminders to notes in a single click.


Say it with emojis

Would you rather use an emoji instead of a word? Then Zoho Show's integration with Twemojis is going to make your day!

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MailNew Feature

Hit that snooze

We don't want to get crowded by less important emails, and at the same we don't want to risk missing any. Here's the solution. Snooze such emails to be read at a later time! 

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Team up with Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting now integrates with Microsoft Teams, helping you initiate and join meetings right from your Teams channel with simple commands.

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We do the design, you bring the magic

Zoho Show comes with a huge library of industry-specific templates, that you can pick and customize in minutes!

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More than just an inbox- literally!

Zoho Mail in itself does more than just handling emails, like task management, calendar, note keeping, bookmarking, and more. Zoho Mail also integrates with so many other collaboration, project management, and file sharing apps to turn your inbox into a productivity powerhouse.

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A quicker way to block a user

If you feel that an email is unnecessary and potentially spam, you can quickly block the user altogether from the preview pane. 


Out of Office messages with your signature

You can now add your signature to your Out of Office messages. If you have multiple responses set up, then you can have a unique signature for each of them.


MailNew Feature

The all-new Reminders pane

So much to do, and so little time! What if you lose track of what's to be done, and miss out on important deadlines? The all-new Reminders pane brings all your reminders in a single place, helping you add, edit, and manage them!

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MailPlatform Enhancement

DRE Connectors in Zoho Mail

Build integrations of Zoho Mail with other Zoho or third-party applications with DRE connections. 

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New sections for easier access

Cliq now introduces new sections like Files, Chat and call history, People, and Widgets. Better organization and quicker access guaranteed!

SheetNew App

New Sheet app for iOS and iPadOS

The exclusive Sheet app for iOS and iPadOS brings a refreshing new UI and useful features and integrations!

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ShowNew App

New Show app for iOS

Zoho Show too joins the club, and releases a new and improved version of its iOS app. 

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Notifications of your intranet activities right inside your chat

Subscribe to the Connect notifications bot, to receive quick updates on important network activities.


Tips for optimizing your email storage

With large chunks of email data across your organization, how best can you optimize storage while archiving and retaining emails?

Read to find out!

25 years of Zoho!

Zoho has been in business for the past 25 years. We owe you all a BIG thank you! Here's what our CEO has to say about the journey, how it all started, and what we look forward to as a company, or should we say, a family! 

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Reminders pane for quick access

Tracking your reminders or wondering if and when you had set one is not something you should be doing. An all-new Reminders pane centralizes all your reminders in one place, with options to add and organize.

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New additions to eWidget

We are constantly working towards tighter integration of Workplace apps with other Zoho and third-party apps. In the same spirit, this month we have added new extensions to Mail's eWidget.

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WorkDriveNew App

Call upon the WorkDrive genie

Here's some magic: open your WorkDrive files on your desktop apps and work on them. For example, you can open and edit files such as documents, images, and videos with Microsoft Word, CorelDRAW, and Adobe Premiere Pro, respectively, on your desktop. WorkDrive Genie is now in its beta and available only for Windows.  Try now!

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Writer inches closer to becoming a linguistic expert!

Zoho Writer now has better language skills, and knows how not to annoy you with red squiggly lines for your name! With organization dictionary that automatically adds employee names, smarter spell check, ability to identify incomplete sentences and number inconsistencies, Writer is now truly an expert!

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SheetNew Feature

New features to make your spreadsheets look and perform better

Who would have thought that spreadsheets would be enjoyable? But we at Zoho, want them to be! So we added a huge list of useful features like including an image in a cell, new functions, and more that will make handling spreadsheet data a breeze!

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Who's really responsible for your account security?

It's actually a collective responsibility, and as an individual, ask yourself how secure your passwords are! Can you say with all certainty that #myPasswordIsSecure?

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Zoho Workplace partners with Sri Lanka's Dialog Enterprise

Dialog Enterprise, the corporate solutions arm of Dialog Axiata PLC, Sri Lanka’s premier connectivity provider joins hands with Zoho to give its enterprise customers access to the Workplace suite of collaboration applications. We hope to reach and empower many Sri Lankan businesses through this exciting partnership!

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More WorkDrive features at the same cost

The Standard plan of Zoho Workplace now gets upgraded from 5GB WorkDrive storage per user to 10GB per user with access to more of WorkDrive's features without any change in the price.

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The year that was at Zoho Mail

It was indeed a busy year at Mail and Workplace. How would you like to take a recap, and play a fun game all at the same time?

Let's play.
WriterNew Feature

Writer introduces sections and advanced layouts

Zoho Writer adds another important feature to its arsenal, which is the ability to divide a document into sections that have their own set of properties like columns, page orientation, and more!

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Blending project management and collaboration

Zoho Sprints integrates with Meeting and Show. You can now schedule a meeting in the context of the work item you are currently on. Your presentation will be dressed to impress with the option to add Sprint cards directly into your slides.

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WorkDriveNew Feature

WorkDrive introduces client users

External users who work with you and your team for a long period can be now added as Client users in your WorkDrive Team with limited roles and permissions.

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WorkDriveNew Feature

Templates for documents and spreadsheets

WorkDrive allows you to create preset layouts in the form of templates for your Writer and Sheet files. You can also save existing files as templates.

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Text options for better readability

Worried about the text on your spreadsheet looking crowded or poorly aligned? Zoho Sheet's new text rotation, indentation, and wrapping options help you display text exactly the way you want.

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Resolve issues faster by collaborating with our Support

WorkDrive has introduced a "Share to Support" feature that allows you to share your files or folders with our expert Support staff to help analyze, or debug any issues you have. No worries about the security of your files— you get to see all the access stats, commenting and downloading are restricted by default, and the access will be automatically removed after 7 days.


Follow for instant file updates

Don't want to miss anything happening around a file or a folder? Use the "Follow updates" feature to stay informed.

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ConnectInApp Updates

Convert a checklist item into a task

Checklist items that require more tracking, and follow up can be instantly converted into tasks.