Designing print-friendly layouts with Writer

Easily design print-friendly document layouts with Writer’s new layout customization options.

New Print-friendly Layout Design Options in Writer

Every organization creates documents to be printed and folded, filed, or bound. These may include booklets, brochures, catalogs, training manuals, and calendars. But designing these documents can be tricky and challenging. They have multiple sections, images, and columns, which need to remain visible when printed and filed or bound.

Writer’s advanced layout customizations, enhanced with new gutter options (including mirror margins), simplify the process of designing print-friendly layouts. The new all-in-one layout design pane empowers you to configure all layout settings from a single place, without having to toggle between multiple tabs and menus.

1. Gutter margin

Gutter margins add additional space to documents to account for binding. This ensures the contents of the page aren’t hidden or cropped once the document is bound. You can choose the position and size of the gutter margin based on how you intend to fold, file, or bind your document.

Gutter Margins        Left, top, and right gutter margins to provide additional space for binding.

Gutter size and position

Configuring Gutter Margins

Using the gutter size field, you can add additional space to margins to accommodate different types of binding (spiral, hard cover, saddle stitching, etc.). Choose the position of the gutter margin (left, right, or top) to suit your document type. This is particularly useful for documents with a single-page spread, where printing will only be done on one side.

Mirror margins

For documents with duplex or facing page layouts, where printing will be done on both sides of the paper, the document margins have to be reversed. In other words, the gutter margin will be on the inner edge of both pages. Typically, the left-side (or odd-numbered) pages have a wide left-side margin and narrow right-side margin, while the right-side (or even-numbered) pages, have wide right-side margins and narrow left-side margins. The mirror margin option will automatically switch the margins for the odd and even-numbered pages.

Enabling Mirror Margins

If you set gutter margin, it will add additional space besides the normal margin to help with binding.

Section margins

Apply different margins to each section in a document. For example, if you insert a multiple-column section in your document, you can set a margin that will apply only to that section.

Section Margins

2. New layout designer with preview

To design custom layouts, you will have to configure settings, including page size, number of columns, margins, border, background, and watermark. Writer’s new unified layout design pane brings all the layout components together in a single location, helping you design your page without having to switch between different panels, tabs, and menus.

Combined Layout Designer

The design pane also provides a dynamic preview of your document as you configure the various settings. Without this preview, you will have to apply a setting, check the document, and apply different settings as needed. The unified design pane, combined with the dynamic preview, saves you a lot of time and effort!

Contextual menu for a better and faster design experience

Contextual Layout Menu

Quickly design your document layout, and format your content with all the necessary tools and options from the easy-to-access context menu. Complete actions, such as changing page orientation and arranging content in multiple columns, and access important layout options, such as margins and borders, right from the editor. Save time and eliminate the need to click between various menu options on the left panel and the editor to design your document’s layout.

Give these new layout options a try and let us know what you think. Need any assistance? Write to us at, or just leave a comment.

Happy writing!


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