Features that power up Writer’s automation templates: Part 2

In part one of this blog post, we focused on Writer’s new capabilities for creating and sharing fillable forms. In this part, we will focus on enhancements to the form filling and submission processes.

Reinforcing form filling, submission, and post-submission operations.

1. Multi-step form filling

You can set a workflow to complete the form filling process in multiple steps.

Consider this: You’re an HR professional who wants to send employee contracts to new hires and get their tentative start dates. What do you do? Configure multi-step form filling.

Multi-step form filling

You fill in information, such as the candidate’s name and salary, and send the offer letter to the hiring manager, who enters the start date. The offer letter is then sent to the employee, who verifies the details.

2. Fill and self-sign

We’ve made some convenient enhancements to help you complete and sign forms.

Fill and self-sign

Let’s say you work in a manufacturing plant and create weekly purchase orders for raw materials. You verify the prefilled values on the form, enter other details, sign the form, and send it to your purchase team. Filled. Signed. Completed.

This option also allows the user submitting the form to fill and submit.

3. Unique names for your filled forms

Automatically add sequence numbers to your fillable forms for easy tracking. You can even add a prefix or suffix to the sequence numbers to make each submission unique.

Unique names for your fillable forms

Let’s say you want to make all the month’s purchase orders easily identifiable. You can achieve that with a prefix or suffix. For example, you can specify 0722 as the prefix/suffix to all purchase orders created in the month of July 2022.

4. Auto-Number field

Easily track individual form submissions with the Auto-Number field. When your customers submit a form, a serial number will be automatically assigned to the PDF field on the form.

5. Adding barcodes to fillable forms

You can now add a barcode to a PDF document, which will encode one or more filled form values on the document.

Adding barcodes to fillable forms

6. Do more with submitted values

You can now save specific values, or an entire filled form, after user submission.

Do more with fillable values

Say you’re a sales professional. You send out a sales contract to your client, who completes it and sends it back. You can now attach the completed form to your customer’s CRM record with a simple custom function. If your client modifies or adds a value, such as the delivery address, the changes can easily be saved back to their CRM record.

Check out these new updates and let us know what you think in the comments section, or write to us at support@zohowriter.com.

In case you missed it, we also released a set of new updates to make the document merge process more comprehensive. Read our latest update on the Document Merge feature to learn more.

See you soon with the next set of updates. Until then, happy writing!


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