Enhanced Drawing Editor & Improved Document Fidelity

We’re upgrading our in-line drawing editor to a pop-up to add some often requested features, and give you more room to create.


1. Autofit Text to Shapes 

     Turn on autofit text to automatically scale your font-size to fit your shape.


2. Aligning Shapes  

     Check out our new alignment options to arrange multiple shapes.


3. Group & Ungroup Shapes 

      Group multiple shapes into a single bounding box. Now you can move, resize, or  rotate them all together, rather than repeat transformations for each individual shape.


4. Stack Them Up 

     We’ve introduced layers to let you control the z-axis of your shapes. Each shape gets it’s own layer, and layers can be re-ordered, so you choose which shapes are hidden, and which stay on top.


 5. Format Shapes  

       Set colors, patterns, gradients, or text effects on your shapes with our new formatting tools.


Improved Fidelity with Microsoft Word

Fidelity and interoperability improvement is a continuous goal of Zoho Writer. We’ve fixed old issues around Microsoft Word compatibility. Transfer your documents over to Writer, and trust that we’ll preserve your formatting, layouts, and styles.


  Better shape and image positioning  

Writer now understands Word’s alignment settings, so shapes and images retain their position when migrating. 


  Improved list handling  

Word documents containing lists with both numbers and bullets are now properly handled.

Mixed List Styles

 List Numbering with Custom Start Value

List Numbering & Spacing 

 List Indentations 

We’ve also fixed bugs around paragraph borders, line spacing, table borders, and cell margins.

Please try out the new experience and provide us feedback to help us give you the best experience we can! 


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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us. Happy Writing!

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