Introducing the Zotero extension for Zoho Writer

Easily import and insert citations from Zotero, a reference management software solution, to your Zoho Writer documents.

At the beginning of last quarter, Zoho Writer introduced a citation and bibliography generation feature. This feature helps you accurately cite various sources in different formats, such as APA, MLA, and Chicago author-date.

To enhance your productivity further, we are excited to launch our exclusive extension for Zotero, a popular reference management tool. This extension allows you to easily access and use the citations in your Zotero account right within Zoho Writer.

Install the Zotero extension from the Zoho Marketplace and try it out now! Refer to this guide if you need any assistance. This extension completely transforms the process of adding citations. Read on to learn more.

Highlights of Zoho Writer's Zotero extension

1. Seamlessly insert Zotero citations into Writer documents

Easily locate and add citations from your Zotero library to your Zoho Writer documents in just a few clicks. Once a citation is added in Zotero, you can use it any number of times in your Writer documents.

2. Bulk import citations from your Zotero library

Instantly import all relevant citations from your Zotero account to Zoho Writer in a single click. There's no reason to worry about losing or regenerating your citations, as long as you've saved them in Zotero.  

3. Flexible citations search

Easily locate Zotero citations from Zoho Writer using two methods.

  • Search by fields

Locate a citation in Zotero using any of its fields, such as author name, source title, or publication date.

  • Search by tags

Retrieve all citations that match the tags you've applied in Zotero. Let's say you have tagged sports-related citations as "sports." Simply use the Search by Tag option to pull all the citations with a "sports" tag.  

4. Auto-update your Zotero citations

Generate new citations in Zotero without having to worry about manually adding them to Zoho Writer. Every time you launch Writer, this extension automatically checks Zotero for new citations. By default, the extension displays the 100 most recently created or updated citations from your Zotero account.

5. Build document-specific citation libraries

Create an exclusive citation library for every document. Easily import, store, edit, copy, and delete each document's citations separately. No more sifting through hundreds of citations looking for the ones that you need for a particular document.

Before importing a citation, you can use the View Document Citations option to check whether you've already added it to the document's citation library.

6. Choose from multiple citation styles

Easily import and insert a citation from your Zotero account into your Writer document in your desired format. By default, the extension adds citations to Zoho Writer in APA style. However, you can easily switch to MLA or Chicago author-date format with a single click. 

7. Auto-generate bibliographies

After you've inserted the required citations in your document, you can create a bibliography from all the citations you've used with just one click. This eliminates the need for copying citations from each page and adding them to the bibliography individually.

8. Cite from where you write

You can now create your document and insert citations from right within your editor. No more switching between multiple apps or windows to complete your work.

Zoho Writer's Zotero extension saves you time, effort, and stress when citing your sources. It also eliminates the need to switch between multiple tools to add citations and a bibliography to your work.

Install the Zotero extension from Zoho Marketplace now and see how it enhances your productivity! Refer to this guide for the steps to install the extension and to learn more about how to use it.

At the beginning of this month, we released a set of extensions to simplify publishing and digital signature collection from Zoho Writer. With these extensions, you can directly publish your articles to Wordpress, Blogger, and Zoho Commerce. Furthermore, you also send documents for signature collection via sign services such as AdobeSign, DocuSign, and SignEasy, all from within Zoho Writer. Read this blog post to know more.

Got feedback? Have suggestions to make the extensions better? Let us know in the comments or at

Happy writing!


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