Easily translate content with Zoho Writer

Create, format, review, and translate content all in one place with Zoho Writer.

With Writer's in-document and in-editor translation features, you can streamline your workflow by eliminating the need to switch between applications.

Highlights of Writer's translation features

In-document and in-editor translation

Create, format, review, and translate your content from right within Writer's editor. Bid adieu to the hassle of switching between applications to generate content in a variety of languages.

Granular translation

Enjoy the flexibility of inline translations. Translate entire paragraphs or select sentences within a paragraph. Simply select the content and choose Translate from the context menu.

Full document translation

Instantly translate an entire document to the language of your choice from right within the document.

Option to save as a new document

After you translate your content, you can choose to save it as a new document. This gives you the flexibility of retaining your original content, as well as your translated version.

Auto-detection of source language

All you have to do is select a language and start the translation process. Writer automatically detects the original language of your selected text.

Support for 50+ languages  

Choose from over 40 languages, including English, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, French, Romanian, Arabic, Polish, Swedish, Hungarian, Czech, and Dutch, so you can easily communicate with customers and colleagues around the world.

Benefits of in-document translation 

With the capability to translate text from right within the Writer editor, you can:

  • Translate sensitive information securely, since you don't have to rely on a third-party translator.

  • Accelerate business processes by quickly distributing business documents in the applicable languages.

  • Create, translate, and refine content with your teammates from other regions using Writer's real-time collaboration and review capabilities.

  • Save time, effort, and money by instantly translating documents without depending on a language expert.

What's up next?

We're already working on the next set of translation-specific updates, which will include

the ability to retain formatting (such as bold and italic text), automatically hyperlink translated words, and link review comments to the right words. We're also working on support for 20 more languages.

That's it for now. Take Writer's translator for a spin and share your thoughts as comments or write to us at support@zohowriter.com

Happy writing and translating!


8 Replies to Easily translate content with Zoho Writer

  1. Wow, the Zoho Writer team is putting out one amazing feature after another. It is so great to see these substantial new features being added. What are the stats on the accuracy of the translations? What process if Zoho using for the translations? I would be pretty amazing to be able to add a feature whereby you turn the text into audio.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! The accuracy of the translations varies depending on the language pair, but we're constantly working to improve it. The Read Aloud feature in Zoho Writer allows users to turn text into audio. We encourage you to give it a try (Select content > Right click > Read aloud) and let us know what you think!

  2. Greetings, first of all, congrats for the news and keep the good work. It is common that I break my document in many sections, trying this new feature, I see that the tool only consider content from the first section, can you check? Best regards.

    1. Thank you for your feedback! We've fixed this issue with the translation tool not processing content from all sections of a document. We're sorry for any conveniences this may have caused. If you have any further issues, please write to us at support@zohowriter.com

  3. Interesting Zoho has chosen to translate languages like Armenian and Assamese. You must have many users in those markets…phew! What about Thai? Zoho has many users in this region. When is Thai coming?

    1. Thanks for your interest! Thai is on our roadmap and we're working diligently to support it in the near future. Stay tuned!

    1. You're welcome! We are glad that it was helpful. Do try it out extensively and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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