The new era of a word    processor

Bringing state-of-the-art collaboration and document automation to the simple, familiar world of word processors, the new Writer is everything your business needs to get work done more efficiently.


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Bringing better perspective to collaboration

  • Introducing Engagement Insights 

    Learn so much more about how your co-authors and teammates engage with your document. Engagement Insights bring everything you need to know about your collaborators' activities to one place.

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  • Restrict who can see your comments 

    Have private, parallel discussions with your team as well as external contributors within the same document, or even use the "only me" option to add a note to yourself.

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  • Format your comments beautifully 

    Add links to your comments and use richer formatting to clearly express your thoughts.

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Document automation, now driven by templates

Put an end to your team's mundane paperwork tasks. Introducing a new type of intelligent document template that can then drive your contract or personalized marketing workflow in just a couple of clicks.

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  • Configure in advance what happens after a merge
  • Automatically send documents for signing and approval
  • Use Open APIs and Deluge functions to integrate with other workflows
Document automation, now driven by templates


Document automation, now driven by templates

Easier ways to organize better

  • View and edit multiple pages at once 

    Take a quick look at the whole document, to ensure the alignment and formatting are consistent throughout before you pass it on to others.

  • Drag & drop document content 

    Restructure your content in sections by simply moving your headings around in the panel.

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  • Know the status of your document 

    See what stage of the workflow your document is currently in.



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A new "form" of paperwork

Publish documents as forms. Respondents can fill out a document and give a copy of the filled document back to you—without affecting the original document you created.

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  • A great PDF form alternative that works across platforms
  • Integrated with electronic signature and cloud storage services
  • Better digital rights for the forms currently in circulation



Reduce formatting and customization headaches

  • Share original templates across your organization 

    Create and design a document the way your company wants it, then save it as a template for your entire organization to view and reuse.

  • Bring styles from another document 

    Why manually format new documents if you can just bring in the formatting you want from an existing one?

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  • Add custom fonts from your computer 

    Bring your brand to your documents, too. Writer makes it easier to add your own fonts to your documents.

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    custom fonts


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A desktop word processor that doesn't burn a hole in your wallet

We're bringing you the same, complete Writer experience as installable apps on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It even works offline and yes—it's completely free.

A desktop word processor that doesn't burn a hole in your wallet
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