Now, post your articles to Medium and Zoho Connect, Desk, and Sites directly from Writer!

You asked. We delivered!

Introducing Writer’s first set of content publishing extensions for Zoho apps and Medium.

Easily post your content to Medium or Zoho Connect, Sites, and Desk, keeping all images and formatting intact, right from within Zoho Writer.

With Writer’s extensions for posting content, you can:

  • Publish articles across multiple applications from a single window.
  • Give your articles the perfect structure and formatting, even if the formatting and editing capabilities are limited in other apps.
  • Co-author articles, or leverage the knowledge of your team, to build informative and interesting content with real-time collaboration.
  • Create or edit articles from from your mobile devices using Writer’s mobile apps.
  • Preview your articles on your preferred publishing platform. Ensure your article looks exactly the way you want on Medium, Connect, Sites, or Desk, before publishing.

Get the new extensions from the Zoho Marketplace now!

1. Post to Zoho Connect

Create and format your article or blog post in Writer using the powerful editing options, and publish directly to Zoho Connect’s Forums.

Post in Connect Forums directly from Writer 

2. Post to Zoho Sites

Create a blog post with your preferred details, images, and layout, and post it to your blog on Zoho Sites, exactly as it appears in Writer, with the click of a button.

Convert documents to posts on your site, right from within Writer

3. Post to Desk

Curate detailed knowledge base articles and user guides with powerful editing and real-time collaboration capabilities, and instantly post them to your knowledge base in Zoho Desk.

 Create knowledge base articles directly from Writer

4. Post to Medium

Convert your thoughts and ideas to compelling articles using Writer’s powerful editing tools, and instantly publish them on Medium with all formatting and structure intact.

Publish your thoughts and ideas directly from Writer

No more copy-pasting your painstakingly created articles with the fear of losing the formatting or having to fix formatting issues before publishing.

Refer to the user guide for details about installing and managing Writer’s extensions.

Writer offers extensions for seamless integration with a variety of Zoho and third-party applications. Check out the complete list here.

Try out these new extensions for a spin and let us know what you think. If you need any help or information, write to us at or simply leave a comment.

Happy Writing!

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