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With flexible APIs, and built-in integrations, we're doing our part to connect Writer with the apps that matter to you.


      Zoho Apps

      • Zoho Sign
        Zoho Sign
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Go from creating NDAs to any document requiring signature. Writer is integrated with Zoho Sign to help you add signer fields, send them out for signatures, track the entire process, and on completion, have it distributed back to your system—all from a single platform.

      • Zoho CRM
        Zoho CRM
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Create templates online, then use CRM data (Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Potentials) to create mail merge documents such as Forms, Letters, Address Labels, and Envelopes on-the-fly.

      • Zoho Projects
        Zoho Projects
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Manage all your projects and collaborate with your team in the most efficient way.

      • Zoho Connect
        Zoho Connect
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Get an online repository for any and all company or team documents.

      • Zoho Recruit
        Zoho Recruit
        Zoho Apps

        Create mail merge templates in Writer, and use Zoho Recruit data (Candidates, Clients, Contacts, and Job Openings) to create mail merge documents such as forms, letters, address labels, and envelopes. on-the-fly.

      • Zoho Mail
        Zoho Mail
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Instead of inserting the entire attachment, you can just insert a link to your attachment and set sharing permissions as you like.

      • Zoho Forms
        Zoho Forms
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Use Zoho Forms to create a form that you can send to the people you’re trying to reach. Information entered in the form will be then synced with Writer and added to your Mail Merge database.

      • Zoho People
        Zoho People
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Zoho People is integrated with Writer to give enhanced editing options for standard letters.

      • Notebook
        Zoho Apps

        Convert quick notes or ideas into full-fledged documents, and collaborate on it with your teammates.

      • Zoho Creator
        Zoho Creator
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Create personalized documents based on the data you've collected using Zoho Creator's custom apps and forms.

      • Zoho Sheet
        Zoho Sheet
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Insert charts dynamically into documents without any hassle. Everytime you update the spreadsheet data, charts in documents get updated as well. You can also use Zoho Sheet files as a data source for document merging.

      • Zoho Sprints
        Zoho Sprints
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Manage all your agile project documents and collaborate with your team in the most efficient way.

      • Zoho Desk
        Zoho Desk
        Zoho Apps

        Create detailed knowledge base articles and user guides in Writer and instantly post them to your knowledge base in Desk.

      • Zoho Sites
        Zoho Sites
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Create your blog posts with all desired details and images in Writer and publish them in your blog on Sites, right from within Writer.

      • Zoho Flow
        Zoho Flow
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Connect your favorite apps. Use our pre-built flows or create your own and improve your productivity.

      • Zoho Commerce
        Zoho Commerce
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Create exciting content and post them to your Zoho Commerce Store's blog directly from within Zoho Writer.

      Electronic Signature Apps

      • Adobe Sign
        Adobe Sign
        Electronic Signature AppsLearn More

        Remove the requirement of scanning software, signature pads, or digital certificates to digitally sign your documents.

      • Docusign
        Electronic Signature AppsLearn More

        Send out Writer documents for Electronic Signatures using Docusign.

      • SignEasy
        Electronic Signature Apps

        Easily request signatures for any documents you create on Write.

      Media and Publishing Apps

      • Google photos
        Google photos
        Media and Publishing AppsLearn More

        Import images directly from your Google Photos account into Writer documents.

      • Flickr
        Media and Publishing AppsLearn More

        Import images directly from your Flickr account into Writer documents.

      • Google
        Media and Publishing AppsLearn More

        Google images directly from Writer, and insert them into your documents.

      • WordPress
        Media and Publishing AppsLearn More

        Create, edit, and collaborate on content and post it to your WordPress webpage immediately or by scheduling to publish it later.

      • Blogger
        Media and Publishing AppsLearn More

        Finalize your post and publish it to Blogger either immediately or later by scheduling it.

      • Medium
        Media and Publishing AppsLearn More

        Create interesting articles and stories using Writer's editing tools and publish them directly to Medium.

      AI Apps

      • ChatGpt
        AI AppsLearn More

        Seamlessly integrate ChatGPT with Zoho Writer so you can chat with the bot and use its responses to enhance your content.

      Other Apps

      • Zapier
        Other AppsLearn More

        Seamlessly transfer data between your favorite apps. Use our pre-built zaps or create your own.

      • Zotero
        Other AppsLearn More

        Easily import and insert citations from Zotero, a reference management software solution, to your Zoho Writer documents.

      Take it back home

      Not using Zoho Docs for storage? Not a problem! Writer is integrated with popular cloud storage services to help you take documents back to the drive you or your team is using.

      Let's build something incredible together

      Integrating Writer with your app is easy, and we have a committed support team ready to answer any questions. Head over to our API Documentation section to get started.