What is the use of email templates?

When a request for leave is submitted, you will have the need for standard templates to be used for notifications. This is a one-time configuration which can be used based on the corresponding employee's details.

To create template:

  • From Home, go toSettings (gear icon) > Templates > email template > Add Template
  • Enter Form name, template name etc
  • Using the available merge fields, create a message

  • Click Save

Where can I use the record templates?

Record templates are created when you have the need for standard company letters like Salary certificate, Welcome Letter that need to be issued to employees whenever needed. When you go to the form for which a record template is created, you can download it as PDF by replacing the merge fields with employee details.

For eg, if you have created a record template for the employee form, you can go to the employee form for a particular employee and select download as pdf and select the template from the drop down.

The merge fields of the template chosen will get replaced with the selected employee's details.

How can I create a record template?

  • To create a record template, from your home page go to Settings (gear icon) > Templates > Record Template > Add Template
  • Enter the details like Form Name and Template Name
  • Under message, type the message with the help of the merge fields available

  • Click Save

What is the difference between an email template and a record template?

An email template is used while configuring email notifications. For eg. For standard notification emails like approval notifications, you can create a standard email template beforehand and select it directly while configuring approvals. A record template is useful while creating standard letters to be used for employee records. For eg. If you would like to issue a welcome letter to a new joinee, you do not have to type the content every time an employee joins the organization. Instead, you can have a standard record template created and use it by replacing the values alone as and when needed.

How do I export a form record as PDF?

Once you create a form record template, you can export it in a PDF format and save it for later use. Follow the steps given below to export the form record in PDF format.

  • From your home page, go to Organization > Employee
  • Click on the employee name to go to the respective employee's form
  • Click the ellipsis icon and select Download as PDF
  • Select Welcome letter from the Select Template drop-down list
  • Select Portrait View or Landscape View

  • Click Download

This can be attached and sent to the employee.

How do I edit a template?

Once a template is created, you can edit it anytime in future.

  • From your home page, go toSettings (gear icon) > Templates
  • Click Email template or Record template based on the template that you would like to edit
  • Hover your mouse over the form name and click the Edit icon

  • Edit the template as per your need and click Save 

What is the purpose of 'Clone' in email and Record templates?

Clone a template is useful when you want to create a template which has similarities with an existing template. By using this option, you can copy an existing template and make the changes that you would like rather than following all the steps of creating a new template again.

To clone a Template:

  • From your home page, go to Settings (Gear icon) > Templates
  • Hover the mouse over the email template or record template that needs to be cloned
  • Click the clone icon and make the necessary changes to the existing template

  • Save the Template under a different name and click Save

What are the steps to create a sample record template for issuing a welcome letter?

  • From your home page, go toSettings (gear icon) > Record Template under Templates > Add Template
  • Select Employee from the Form Name drop-down list
  • Provide Template Name as Welcome letter
  • Select Record Template as Template Type
  • Select System Fields from Available Merge Fields
  • Select Company Logo, Company Name, Company First Address, Company City, Company State, Company Country, Company Zipcode, Company Website, Company Contact Person and Company Contact Number from the Select Field drop-down list one by one and click Insert

  • Click Save

What is the purpose of Mail Merge? Where is it used?

Mail Merge is useful when you have some standard letters like Employment Contract, Probation Confirmation Letter etc to be sent across to many people at one go. A template can be created and the dynamic fields can be changed as per the need.

Zoho People is integrated with Zoho Writer and this gives enhanced editing options for standard letters.

Consider an example of sending Probation Confirmation Letters to a set of employees.

Follow the steps given below to use Mail Merge to get this done.

  • From your home page, go to Settings > Templates > Mail Merge
  • Click on Add Mail Merge
  • Give a Template Name - Eg - Probation Confirmation template
  • Select a form - for eg. If you would like to use Mail Merge for Probation Confirmation Letters, then select the Employee Form

  • Click Save

You will be taken to the Zoho Writer page where you can create your template as shown in the below image

For eg -

"Dear (Insert First Name, Last Name by clicking on the fields from the left hand side)

You joined the organization on (Insert 'Date Of Joining' from the left hand side) and have successfully completed your probation period today.


HR Team"

Now you have created a mail merge template. Click on 'Update Template' if you make any changes to the template.

You can have this sent to a set of employees by following the steps given below.

  • From your home page, go to Organization > Employee
  • Select the employees for whom you would like to send the Probation Confirmation letter
  • Click on the 'Merge Template' icon

  • Select the template from the drop down - in this case, the Probation Confirmation Template and click on Merge

By default, you will be able to see the dynamic fields of the Template replaced with appropriate values of the first record.

  • Click on the respective record from the right hand side list and click on 'Email this record' to have the Probation Confirmation template emailed.

Note: Please ensure you select the correct email id field in the drop down in case of more than one email id field in the form.

How do I download a letter that has been created for an employee with the help of Mail Merge?

Once you have created a Mail Merge template, you will be able to use it for any record by having the dynamic fields replaced. Click on the 'Download' icon and select Current or All records based on your need. Alternatively you can also go to the respective record and download it.

  • From your home page, go to Organization > Employee
  • Click on the record for which you would like to download the letter
  • Click on the ellipsis icon and select 'Mail Merge'
  • Select the template
  • Select the format and view

  • Click on 'Download'

The letter will get downloaded.