Working with Charts

Working with Charts

Creating charts

Inserting charts in Writer is very simple. You don't have to create your chart in a spreadsheet and add it to your Writer document. You can now create and update charts right inside Writer.

All you need to do is,

  • Select the type of chart you want to insert in your document.
  • Click on the Edit icon to open the chart in Zoho Sheet.
  • Edit the data in your Sheet file.
  • Now click the Refresh icon in the chart inside your Writer document to update the chart data.

Insert a chart

  1. Open your Writer document or create a new document.
  2. Click More >Insert >Chart.
  3. Choose the chart type you want to add from the dropdown. The chart will be inserted.
  4. The chart inserted will be linked to a new Zoho Sheet file. You can edit and update the numbers in the Sheet to make changes to your chart inside Writer.

Click here to know how to embed charts from Zoho Sheet to your Writer document.

Convert table to chart

You can transform the table inserted in your document into charts. For example, if you are creating a business report and want to convert a table that has the yearly profits data into a graph, you can use the "Convert table to chart" option. You do not have enter the data in a Sheet or Excel file for converting the data. Instead, create a table in Writer and simply click “Convert table to chart” to make the conversion. Once the chart is created in your document, you can edit it anytime.

To convert a table to chart,

  1. Select your table.
  2. Right click on your table, click More options > Convert table to chart.

Once the table data is converted into a chart, the data can be edited in Zoho Sheet. See Edit chart data for more details.

Edit and customize charts

Once the chart is inserted in your document, you can edit and update the data linked to Zoho Sheet. Also, copy/paste charts as image files from MS Word and Google Docs.

Edit Chart data

To edit the chart,

  1. Click the Edit icon near your chart inserted in your document. This will open a new Zoho Sheet file.
  2. Make changes in your Sheet file. The changes will be automatically saved in your spreadsheet.
  3. Now click the Refresh icon near the chart. The chart data will be automatically updated with respect to the changes made in your Sheet.

You can change the chart type or resize the chart, to suit your needs.

Copy/Paste charts

You can easily copy/paste charts within your Writer documents.

While pasting the chart from Zoho sheet, you can link the source sheet to the chart directly. The chart data will be updated with respect to the changes made in your source sheet.

To link the source sheet file,

  1. Copy/Paste chart from the Zoho Sheet file in your document.
  2. Click the icon near the pasted chart and choose the "Link to Source Sheet option". 

The chart will be linked to the Sheet file. Any changes made to sheet data will be updated in the chart by clicking the Refresh icon in the inserted chart.

You can also copy and paste Charts as image files from MS Word and Google Docs.

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